India and the UK share strong commercial links and it boasts one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. We make sending parcels to India simple with great prices and convenient drop-off at your nearest hub or courier service providers like UDS.

Shipments to India are charged based on both declared value and chargeable weight (volumetric weight). Please provide your IOSS number in your marketplace invoice, as well as complete any additional forms for customs clearance.

Exploring the World

Selecting the appropriate courier service providers can make or break your business’s reputation and profitability. Utilizing delivery ecosystem services such as NDR reporting, returns management, and COD service reconciliation will help to ensure customers’ needs are fulfilled, leading to positive customer feedback and reduced fake delivery attempts while saving businesses time by eliminating unnecessary interventions.

No matter where in India or worldwide your customers may be located, international courier services provide safe and secure deliveries of your products. In addition to offering excellent shipping services, they can help expand market reach and sales volumes – increasing profits during times of low sales volume while helping your profit margins expand as more buyers purchase from abroad.

UDS offering unique courier services at the most reasonable prices. When choosing courier service from UK to India, select one which meets both your budgetary and service needs best.

If you need an easy way to ship parcels, UDS provides an economical express delivery option with transit times between two to four working days in India. Book online or at one of their Collect+ stores; even use this service to send parcels with return labels!

Sending a Parcel

Due to strong trade ties and India’s vibrant economy, parcel delivery from the UK to India remains an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike. Furthermore, with improvements to transport infrastructure helping reduce shipping times significantly – sending parcels has never been simpler!

We work with various courier services to offer you competitive rates and fast deliveries to India. Get an instant online quote by entering your destination address, weight and dimensions of parcel. Plus you’ll see all the features each service provides such as transit time estimates and liability policies.

If you need to ship delicate or high-value items, our air cargo service offers unbeatable prices and is the ideal way to ship everything from clothing to electronic goods. Booking can be done online or instore!

Importing goods into India will require providing a customs proforma invoice and paying any applicable duties, so be aware of this when selling on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. If unsure, our customer support team would be more than happy to offer advice regarding importation into India.

Importing a Parcel

When shipping valuable documents or goods to India, its important that they arrive safely. Therefore, when choosing an international logistics provider that also offers top of the line cargo management systems. This will help guarantee that your parcels arrive on schedule without damage or delays.

There are various courier services available for imports between the UK and India, but UDS offers fast and reliable deliveries depending on your specific needs and budget; UDS boasts an expansive network so they can handle everything from regular parcels to sensitive products.

Start off by entering your shipment details into our quick quote tool and we will present you with a list of available services, which allows you to easily compare prices, transit times and liability options until finding one that best meets your needs. If unsure, our customer support team would be more than happy to provide recommendations as to which service would best suit your business needs and will advise if any customs duties or taxes apply based on what type of goods are sent over – these charges are payable by recipient depending on type and value.

Tracking a Parcel

UDS provides numerous domestic and international shipping services for both less-than-truckload (LTL) freight to full truckload cargo shipments, making them an excellent option for anyone wishing to transport goods across borders. Furthermore, their network of warehouses allows them to specialize in handling fragile or temperature-sensitive items with special care and temperature-regulated storage environments.

As part of the logistics for any shipment, it is vital to pay attention to customs requirements in your destination country. For example, sending goods to India requires providing an IOSS number on your marketplace invoice as well as filling out a customs declaration form to ensure quick and efficient processing of your parcel.

If you need your parcels shipped, do your research in order to determine which service best meets your needs. Booking can be done either online or instore and labels can even be printed directly at the store if necessary.