Last Day on Earth: Survival belongs to the category of survival games run by Kefir! develop. With the human story being destroyed in 2027 due to infection, you must stand up to fight to regain life. The story gets more complex as the dead turn into monsters attacking the living. Last Day on Earth MOD fully simulates just like you are playing a real character. Life and death are only separated by a fragile limit. Stay calm and alert so you can fight the killer next to you. From empty hands, you need to equip yourself with enough weapons and means to defeat monsters.

You need to look for everything around collecting to survive from eating, drinking. From the most basic jobs are included in the game Last Day on Earth MOD APK, so you are known for life extremely harsh. Weapons used not only fight against crowds of zombie mutants, but you also have to use it to hunt animals as well. With an extensive map system, you can set foot anywhere.

Play-based on reality

Start with only one pair of boxers, which is your initial capital. Just like a primitive life, you have to stand up to regain your source of life for yourself. In the immediate future are collectable resources and threats. The Earth now no longer looks as peaceful as the past. The only way is to stand up courageously. If you run away, you will not escape the chasing zombies. They are everywhere, very crowded and dangerous too!

Hardcore mode challenges hardcore players

Are you looking for a high difficulty challenge? Last Day on Earth: Survival will be full of things that are not easy to overcome. Challenges will be renewed each season, so try to have a good position from time to time. Online play mode opens when you cross the west wall of the map. Here many special costumes will appear, you can interact with many other people as well.

Support automatic play

Some basic operations like collecting resources you can choose automatic mode. Characters go around collecting resources instead of needing direct control. In busy times you should use this feature. It is very useful; players need not pay attention while the character is active. However, remember that choose a safe location first.

How to get water?

In addition to 3 free bottles of water given from the start of the game (check in the inventory if not used), there are 2 other ways as follows.
Get water from plane crashes, enemy bases …
Manufacturing Rain Catcher: Requires level 6 and requires the following items (2x Scrap Metal, 3x Piece of Cloth, 10x Pine Log). After 10 minutes there will be a full bottle of water, please pay attention and use.