Hollywood is great at making us daydream about cleaning our apartments in a flash, writing long manuscripts in a fortnight and cracking stock exchange in a jiffy all with a help of a pill, conveniently named as the Limitless Pill. 

Apart from providing entertainment, limitless pill ignited the curiosity of humankind and made us think about the goals that they could achieve with the use of such pills. 

Fueled by the urgency of our ambitions, and the dreams inspired by Hollywood, the search for the real-life limitless pill began in the earnest. 

The search for the pill is still on, and many conspiracy theories suggest that they are real and are used by the world leaders to set the course of our world, but there’s not much material or research to think more about this possibility.

While we may have not found the real-life Limitless Pill NZT-48 yet, but we have found the next best thing to the Limitless Pill: Modafinil. 

Why is Modafinil acclaimed to be the next best thing to the Hollywood inspired Limitless Pill?

Modafinil is a common name in the world of a nootropic or smart drugs, people who use and experiment with drugs and medications for enhancing their cognitive functions. 

This drug is prescribed for the treatment of excessive sleep disorders as it has strong wakefulness promoting properties. Conditions such as narcolepsy, excessive sleep due to sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorders are the conditions for which it is prescribed, and preventing excessive sleep is considered to be its major function. 

Since the days of Thomas Alva Edison, sleep has been regarded as an enemy of productivity and a waste of time and since our current lifestyles are so fast and packed with activities and often sleep seems to be cutting down the hours of our life. 

Thus it makes perfect sense if people want to cut down their sleeping hours at times of important events and tasks that need uninterrupted hours of alert wakefulness which is offered by Modafinil.

While the fact that this drug makes sleep avoidable is a wonderful feature in itself, but this drug has a lot to offer than mere uninterrupted wakefulness.

Modafinil is a Smart Drug with various Benefits that Makes a person feel and work like a Super Human. 

Concentration Booster:

The use of Modafinil increases the concentration span of a person and makes him less prone to all types of distractions giving the users various spells of laser-sharp focus which is quite impossible to achieve in these times of buzzing screens and distracting notifications. 

Energy Amplifier:

Modafinil reduces your need to sleep but it does not make you lethargic or weak, on the contrary, it has been reported by many people that it amplifies their energy levels and even helps them get rid of tiredness. This has prompted many researchers to find out if this medication can help in treating chronic fatigue and so far all the results look promising. 

Productivity Enhancer:

This medication has been reported to increase the productivity of people who use it. People who use it for treating issues with their sleep patterns, such as people working in rotating shifts and graveyard shifts have noted an increase in their peak performance duration after the use of this drug. People pursuing academic pursuits are also reaping the benefits of this drug in the form of higher grades and academic achievements.

Motivation Booster:

Motivation is something that makes or breaks us, and although it is easy to get motivated, but unfortunately it rarely lasts. After the initial passion and desire fade away, we are often struggling to get through the tasks at hand due to the lack of motivation. Modafinil gives us an uninterrupted supply of motivation while it is active in our system. It achieves this incredible feat by increasing the production of dopamine and making our brains work for the rewards. This helps us achieve our goals with less energy, more focus, and less amount of time.

There are other properties such as an increased ability to retain information and make enhancement in your grasping skills which makes it as good as the limitless pill for us. 

Modafinil is a reliable medication which gives you all these benefits to make you an advanced and highly productive person, sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

Modafinil is available under the brand name Provigil and generic alternatives of these drugs are also offered for people who would like to experience all these benefits of the next best thing to the limitless pill at a cost-effective price. The most reputable and popular generic brands of Modafinil are Modalert and Modvigil, the latter loved by the students so much that it is dubbed as the “study drug”.

This drug also has an advanced version, an enantiopure compound known as Armodafinil, it is reported to be stronger than Modafinil and administered in much lower doses. This drug is sold under the brand name Nuvigil and this one also has its popular generic versions known as Waklert and Artvigil.

These drugs are used by people in the highly demanding and extremely competitive workforces such as medical professionals, soldiers, high-profile entrepreneurs, and Silicon Valley programmers to achieve their life ambitions quicker than the world.

Thus we can conclude that Hollywood may have created the hype behind the smart drugs that may come close to the effects of the limitless pill, but it has been inspired strongly by the human kind’s bold ambitions to travel beyond the stars, to swim among the sharks, to break the bonds of the average life, to become limitless in the true sense. Our cinema, our literature, and our entertainment industry is a mirror, (albeit a glossy one) of our own society.