There is a wide range of industrial waste that commercial waste disposal companies deal with on a regular basis. For them, identification and disposal methods are pretty much a daily affair. However, it is a lot more difficult for the businesses that actually produce the commercial wastes to identify them properly.

Identification is so important because it enables companies to take proper, precautionary measures and call in the right type of commercial waste disposal service for clean-ups. A quick look through the common commercial sewage and waste types should help in proper identification.

Biodegradable Waste

Commercial, biodegradable waste is just that, which is to say that it’s any waste produced by a business that is biodegradable. Waste produced from the processing of wood, paper, food, sewage, and even some plastic resins falls into this category. If you have a commercial grease trap or two and you run any business that produces food waste, you will need to contact a commercial waste disposal company that specialises in cleaning, collecting, and processing biodegradable wastes.

Anderson’s Waste Management specialises in emptying, collecting, and treating all biodegradable, chemical, and other commercial waste collection Bristol services. They also specialise in emptying and disposing of commercial sewage from portable toilets and large septic tanks. Note that unless the biowaste is not collected on a regular basis, biodegradable waste can turn into environmental biohazard very quickly.

Oil Waste 

Oil waste is most commonly found in gas pump stations or more specifically, the pump chambers. The waste oil and deposits must be cleaned out and collected by a commercial waste oil disposal company regularly to prevent the pumps from malfunctioning. Malfunctions in the gas pumps can lead to disastrous consequences.

Construction Waste

Any waste produced at the site during the erection of a structure is classified as commercial construction waste. Even if the building under construction is residential, it will fall under the category of commercial construction waste. It depends more on the project’s size, rather than just its nature.

Bigger and more extensive construction projects need more regular, commercial waste clean-ups. Although demolition waste is classified separately at times, it falls under the same commercial waste division and construction waste removal and disposal companies generally take care of both.

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste has several subdivisions, and a single waste disposal company might not be fully prepared to take care of every electronic waste produced. Electronic and electric products are manufactured from a wide variety of materials that range from plastics and metals to highly hazardous chemicals. It’s best to identify the kind of waste your business produces, before deciding what kind of waste disposal service your company needs.

All commercial and residential buildings produce sewage. Although human and animal waste are biodegradable, the average bio waste collection company will not be fully prepared to deal with sewage collection and treatment. If you run a business related to portable toilets, look for commercial waste disposal companies that specialise in sewage collection and disposal. If they do provide the service, it will be clearly mentioned by them.