That’s true! Here in the US, it’s now all the more easier, getting access to some of the top-notch tax advisors, tax preparers and tax consultants near you in your city, with the help of specialist agencies like “Ageras”. A team of business profile matchers are working round the clock, accepting your request about hiring a tax professional or an audit firm, and thereafter matching it with their extensive network of tax accountants, financial planners, financial advisors, tax strategists and tax advisors near you. Isn’t it interesting? It’s certainly a complex and intensive process, but when a professional agency with years of proven track-record is working for you, it has to be a success. Within a couple of days, you are presented with competitive quotes to match and compare. It is 100% FREE, and you’re not bound to select one from the list provided by them. This is how it works. You simply mention your requirements and leave everything to their professionals.

A Tax Advisor is usually required that can assist clients with the overall tax accounting process and for helping you understand the prevailing tax laws of the US state. One such firm or professional also helps their clients in minimizing tax obligations, by fully complying with the state and federal laws. This can help any firm, entity, small business or an individual come out of a tricky and complicated financial situation. And, it is agencies like “Ageras” that help small & midsize businesses find the best tax advisor in a particular city or town within a couple of days. You just need to fill out a quick form, and the rest is worked out by their in-house professionals. It’s simple and easy!

Who is a Tax Advisor?

One such professional has an in-depth knowledge of tax preparation and offers the best taxation related advice. A tax advisor specializes in niche areas such as real estate taxes, small business taxes, investment taxes, corporate taxes, management taxes, sales taxes & retirement taxes, apart from preparing annual tax return files in a flawless and accurate manner, clearing all the loopholes. With their professional guidance and advice, micro & small businesses are able to minimize their tax payable, and at the same time remain compliant with the state and federal tax laws, rules & regulations.

Any sole proprietorship firm, small entrepreneur, individual business owner or an organization is usually overwhelmed with tax preparation work, especially just before the tax season, every year. Therefore, a tax advisor can be a great asset or addition for your company, even though not on a direct payroll. They help you get all your financial documents properly organized. As a matter of fact, they do not need any special license, since they’re also able to function as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a financial planner, a personal tax consultant, a tax lawyer or an enrolled agent (EA).

Well, you may NOT require the services of a tax advisor to help prepare your annual tax returns, but if you buy a new property, sell a house, inherit an estate, work abroad and not sure about your deductions like child tax credits, travel expenses or interest related income over taxation, you then require an advisor. One such professional, qualified & certified tax advisor can help get everything in order, and ensure that you or your business comply with all the legal deductions, if your company or organization has a sales tax, employee, payroll, accounts book, etc.

A tax advisor is responsible to complete and file forms related to taxation on behalf of their clients. Such professionals that have an in-depth understanding of tax laws can assess all the personal financial information of clients, including SSN numbers, statements, expenses & bills, in order to make sure whether they are eligible for any kind of tax sops, deductions or credits. In this way, one such financial advisor helps reduce your tax obligations, by helping you understand the most appropriate steps to take, after analyzing the yearly IT return and helping you get the best value for your money.

How ‘Ageras’ Helps in Finding a Tax Advisor Near You?

You only need to fill up an online form provided in their website, mentioning all your detailed service/job role requirements, and they can help find the best possible matches in your city and in a region around you. Within 48 hours of submitting the form, you receive three no-obligation quotes. So, if you were asking this question to yourself, as to how to find the best tax advisor near me, here it is! It cannot be more easy, simple and quick. This particular agency matches your company profile or job role requirements with that of numerous taxation advisory or tax consultancy service providers in your suburbs, county or borough, until it shortlists the best consultancy firms or individual tax advisors that are perfectly suited to your job specification, role or requirements.

The Precise Role of a Tax Advisor

Firstly, a tax advisor prepares yearly tax returns and professionally organizes your tax forms. They fully ensure that the forms are organized, before a tax session. Such a service is required, when you’ve to file your taxes, with all the right documents and financial statements in-place. This is exactly where a certified tax advisor is able to help you save time and effort b y looking through all your financial or taxation related documents and reviewing your forms. Secondly, one such professional firm can advise on matters related to legal tax issues that are quite complex to understand for a novice. As they are thoroughly knowledgeable in this area, you needn’t have to hire a business or corporate lawyer for the same. Lastly, they can offer advice when you’re faced with major life events, such as divorce, separation, marriage, having a baby, adoption, buying a property, retirement benefits, etc. As these events change your tax situation, the services of a tax advisor is required.

Final Words

Any individual or a company that is into some form of business transaction, clocking sales, earning revenue, making profits, has a sales tax, maintains a payroll and employees, must hire the service of a fully certified, qualified and licensed tax advisor for getting professional consultancy solutions. In this way, an organization or an entity can reduce its tax obligations through such expert advice on how to efficiently organize financial statements and manage IT return files. And, there are agencies like “Ageras” that can help you find some of the qualified tax advisors in the US or near you through their vast network of tax & accounting professionals.