Are you sick and tired of not getting the results you deserve in your dating life? You feel like you have tried everything, including taking advice from your friends but that only seems to make it worse!

If your answer is a big fat yes, then it may be time to work with a Dating Coach!

The right dating coach will work with you to get the results that you deserve! And unlike your friends, they will offer advice, tools and hacks that actually work.

This leads to the next question! How do you choose the right dating coach for you?

Most people will automatically go onto Google when they are looking for a new service. However, that in itself can feel totally overwhelming with so many choices.

5 Things You need to consider When Choosing a Dating Coach:

1. Is the Dating Coach a Match for What You Value?

It is important to find a dating coach who you relate to. The reality is nowadays there are plenty of self-appointed toxic dating coaches with no qualifications or credentials exploiting vulnerable inexperienced singles.  You can usually spot them by what they say, they promise quick fixes and what they say often sounds offensive! I don’t recommend working with a dating coach who offends you!

In fact, it is important to find a dating coach who is sensitive to what you value.  There are different dating coaching approaches and you need to find one that feels right for you. Everyone has a unique set of personal values and beliefs and you need a coach who is able to understand yours. Dating coaches will challenge you to get results but you don’t want a mismatch of core values and beliefs getting in the way. Examples like religion, culture, sexual preferences, etc.

2. Work out What Type of a Dating Coach YOU Need

You will see the term Dating Coach and Relationship Coach – they are an overarching term that applies to many types of coaching. You need to decide what you are struggling with and what you want to work on.

Are you struggling with confidence? Are you finding it hard to approach the opposite sex? Are you not sure how to date after divorce? Do you self-sabotage relationships or find yourself repeating patterns that don’t work for you. Do you lose yourself in relationships? Want to get an ex back or heal after a breakup. Do you struggle to communicate in a relationship or are you scared of losing your freedom? Maybe you are single and want to work through some unresolved issues.

You may want a coach that can help you heal from within so that you can let love in again or you may just want help talking to the opposite sex.

Many dating coaches can do both, but take the time to work out if the dating coach you are considering working with is able to help you with your own personal struggle.

3. Do You Want in Person Coaching?

Tech is amazing and most coaches will offer online coaching or phone coaching sessions.  The question that you need to ask yourself is do you want in person or online coaching sessions. Both are effective, you just need to decide which you prefer. I know that many people post COVID are suffering online burnout and prefer in-person sessions.

You may also want a coach who can get out in the real world with you to see what you are actually doing. I know that there can often be a mismatch between what people say and think they do in reality. I always say that you really don’t know what you don’t know!

4. Find a Dating Coach with Relevant Experience

As I mentioned earlier, anyone can self-anoint themselves as a Dating Coach so it is important to make sure that they have the relevant experience/training. You really can’t get any more personal than matters of the heart, so, make sure you don’t trust them with anyone!  You want to find a dating coach who is able to expertly guide you through the coaching process. Because when you are learning new skills and ways of interacting there will be times when you feel overwhelmed, stuck, confused and frustrated.  A well-trained coach will have the skills to guide you through the process.

Most coaches list their experience and their qualifications on their websites. Testimonials can help; however, they may not always be genuine. Take the time to see what they are and also ask the dating coach about them. Most coaches offer a free call prior to signing up with them. Dating coaching is an investment in yourself so you want to make sure you make the right choice by doing a little bit of research.

5. Cost

You may find it easier to spend money on anything else but hiring a dating coach. Why, because for some reason it can feel tough justifying the expense as it seems self-indulgent. However, trust me when I say working with the right dating coach will be one of the best investments you will ever make.  Research has found that personal relationships have the biggest impact on people’s happiness and their health. Yet, it is often the area where we put in the least investment. Of course, you will need to have an idea of what you are able to spend but don’t let the price put you off because you really can’t put a price tag on your own happiness, it’s priceless.

You will often find the cost of dating coaches on each coach’s website. They will generally have a range of packages to suit most price ranges. If they don’t have the price, all you need to do is ask them directly. I recommend doing a little bit of research and allowing yourself time to work out what your best option is rather than be pressured with on the spot sales.

Always take the time to talk to the coach because you want to find the one who is right for you.