Before you head out to hunt with your mates, ensure that you carry the essentials that can make or break your hunting experience. While there are some hunts when you need a buck knife and a pocket filled with shells, on the other hand, if you are going for a week’s hunt trip or longer, you need a wider assortment of hunting gear in your best hunting packs.

Below are the top 9 hunting essentials that my mates and I carry to find the best hunting packs. Whether we are out for a whole day or in the wild for the entire weekend, I have noticed the following hunting essentials to be crucial in many hunts.

1. Rain Gear

It took us a single damp weekend to reinforce the importance of rain gear. I highly recommend you to invest in a good quality rain gear. The best thing about spending your money on rain gear is that if you take proper care of it, it goes a long way, and you can use it in multiple ways.

Ensure that you have packed lightweight yet durable rain gear with you. I love to keep rain gear with me on my hunting trips because it also provides excellent protection against highly windy conditions and keeps you warm if the temperature drops during the late hours of the night.

2. Medical Kit

Another crucial piece of gear is a medical or a first aid kit. I hope that you may never require the need for a first aid kit. However, even the most experienced hunters make mistakes and experience injuries. Thus to be on the safe side, at least one member of our hunting group packs a medical kit in their hunting packs.

Even if I am not on a hunt, I always carry a basic first aid kit to my camping adventures, and I highly recommend it to others.

Although I encourage you to carry as many health supplies as possible, it is not always possible to carry around a large pack of medical supplies while on a hunt. Therefore, I keep the essential items in my best hunting pack, and the rest of them in my car. 

3. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is one of the most underrated items of a hunting essentials kit. I have learned its importance the hard way. Although it might not be an incredibly essential product to carry, I have been glad to have it on several occasions.

Some thread and a needle is what all you will need; it is a good idea to toss in a safety pin or 2. This basic sewing kit proves to be a great help if you tear your clothing or rip off a backpack strap.

4. Maintenance Supplies For You Weapons

Every professional hunter knows the importance of properly maintaining his or her weapons. To ensure that our hunting weapons, including our rifles, shotguns, bows crossbow scopes and you may go for the latest airsoft sniper rifle for hunting reviews from technomono to choose the best hunting weapon and other tools of our craft, are in tip-top condition and always function when we need them, we carry essential maintenance supplies.

I also recommend carrying plenty of extra ammunition because you would not want to miss on a great hunt due to a lack of ammo or unmaintained weapons.

5. Light Equipment

We usually depend on our campfire to provide enough source of light for the night. However, there are times when you are not adequately prepared before the sun goes down because you were too evolved in your hunting expedition.

To avoid unnecessary trouble in such a situation, always carry multiple light sources, including a flashlight, a headlamp, and several glow sticks.

Carrying light equipment is also essential for emergencies, thus the best hunting packs are incomplete without multiple light sources.

6. Multiple Battery Backups

No matter if you are equipped with long battery life devices, it is essential to carry additional battery backups just in case.

I always carry additional (fully charged) batteries for my camera equipment and a few (fully charged) power banks for my phone and other essential devices.

Even if I am not going on a long trip, additional battery backups is always a must-have. Because I never want to lose connection from my loved ones or miss a great picture shot because of insufficient battery.

7. A Simple Tarp

Through my hunting experience, I have learned the severe importance of carrying a simple 6×8 tarp. One of the best uses of a tarp is that you can utilize it as a waterproof shelter. All you need to do is string it up, and you are dry until the unexpected rainstorm passes by.

You can also use your tarp to lay your hunt and prepare it without worrying about the meat catching extra dirt from the ground.

8. Paracord

I have learned through my hunting experience that paracord is the unsung hero of hunting adventures. Trust me! Paracord is an advantage to have! In addition, it is super lightweight, so don’t worry about carrying any extra burden in your hunting pack. There are several situations during your hunting expedition that paracord proves to be highly useful.

Paracord is often described as 550 cord, as it can carry a load of up to 550 lbs. Form using paracord to string up your tent to packing away your hunt, paracord has multiple uses that make it worthy of keeping it in your hunting pack.


I am confident that my list of essentials will prove to be highly useful in all hunting situations.

However, different hunting guides situations by goodmanranch require various equipment. Therefore, I highly recommend you to jot down your essentials list and crosscheck the items you require the most according to your hunting needs and situations.

Do you have a hunting gear essential that you always pack in your best hunting packs? Please share your essentials with us in the comments section below.