Cannibidiol – or CBD is a naturally occurring substance that comes from the Cannabid sativa plant, and is commonly used in products like oils, capsules, creams and more.

How you use CBD is up to you, it comes in lots of different forms so think about what you’d prefer. You may check out Area 52 for this. 

However, there are some common methods and products that people use to take CBD to treat a range of symptoms.

Here’s a quick guide to the most common you can use.

CBD Oils 

CBD oil can be taken orally by placing a few drops under your tongue, holding them for 20-30 seconds before swallowing any oil left over.

They can also accompany any food or drink.  

When they’re taken correctly, CBD oils are one of the most effective CBD treatments, delivering amazingly rapid absorption. 

CBD Capsules 

Taken like any other capsule or tablet, CBD capsules are one of the more traditional options, especially in the UK. 

If you already have a daily routine of supplements, why not add these to the mix? 

Capsules usually come pre-dosed, perfect for if you’re not sure how much you should be taking or if you struggle managing your doses.    

They’re the quick and easy provider of the benefits of CBD. 

CBD Patches

Looking for something more discreet and fast acting?

You should give CBD patches a go. 

They can be placed on the skin under your clothes for you to feel the effects in a matter of minutes, working in the same way as nicotine patches – the only difference being they contain CBD. 

Once your body heat activates the patch, it delivers a small amount of CBD to your bloodstream through the skin, allowing you to feel the benefits quickly with minimal fuss. 

CBD Gummies

Prepared using well known and loved recipes, CBD gummies can be taken at any time during the day to satisfy your sweet tooth while sustaining your CBD levels. 

It can be easy to exceed the recommended dose, so make sure you always read the label. 

It can take anywhere between 30 minutes – 2 hours after consumption for the cannabidiol to be absorbed into your bloodstream and start working its magic. 

Vape E-liquid

If you already use a vape device, CBD e-liquids will be perfect for you. 

There’s a wide range of flavours and strengths for rapid delivery and absorption into the bloodstream. 

It’s important to remember that not all vape hardware is suitable for CBD liquids and will be best to check if you’ll be able to use them before you make any purchases. 

CBD based skincare

CBD skin care products are growing in popularity, and are now used by millions of men and women across the globe. 

Applied like any other balms or lotions, the active CBD ingredient absorbs right away, working to achieve positive results for skin problems helping to:

  • Regulate oil production 

  • Reduce any swelling, pain or redness caused by breakouts or irritation from skin conditions
  • Hydrate sensitive or dry skin

With more and more people starting to use and see the benefits of CBD treatments, it might be time to try it out yourself. 

From reducing anxiety and depression to improving skin conditions like eczema and acne, taking CBD provides so many different benefits and is well worth the investment. 

Whichever route you decide to go down is entirely up to you, how you’d prefer to take CBD, and the benefits you want to make the most of.