No doubt, it becomes little hard today to choose products online, especially when it comes to kitchen accessories. Juicer, blender or mixer is one from them and hard to choose. What exactly you need to so in this case?

You just need to visit the websites, which gives online reviews and buying guides related to Amazon or eBay top selling products online as we did in case of best immersion blender and visited “the buyers trend” to know and learn about the top selling immersion blenders on Amazon. Let’s check below few of the best mixers, juicers, blenders online to choose one from them.

  1. Oster’s 1.42 L 8-speed Mixer

Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a fortune to have a good quality blender. This Oster device is versatile (it comes with 8 speed settings and a pulsation function for more flexibility), quite powerful (there is a 700 watt motor) and a container of a good size (you can put up to 6 cups, which is more than enough to prepare drinks for a couple or a small family). Its timeless and classic design goes well in any kitchen. If you have a limited budget and are looking for a device that can make both cream and crush ice, this is the mixer for you!

  • Oster 1.42 liter Stand Mixer

Dare seems to be a popular brand among Best Buy customers who have bought a blender. In fact, a second model managed to climb into the top 5!

This model stands out from the others by first offering more power. Indeed, its engine offers a power of 1000 watts. It also comes with a six point blade which helps grind food. Personally, I would not like to be a fruit that would come into contact with it! What is also good with this product is that it is a mixer, but also a food processor. He can therefore help you prepare a wider variety of meals. For my part, I love using a food processor to mince my vegetables when I prepare supper! It’s so much easier!

  • Breville’s Centrifuge and Mixer

Breville offers two devices here. First you have the 1200 watt centrifuge which is ideal for extracting hard fruit juice and then a blender for ice and softer fruit. In short. If you like juice drinks, this is the device for you!

  • The Bahamas iced drink machine from Margaritaville

In summer, there is nothing better than preparing a good frozen drink that you can enjoy by the pool. This Margaritaville device has been designed specifically to prepare frozen drinks. It is very easy to use. Indeed, just put the ice in one compartment and the ingredients in the other. Then this machine does the rest. Because when it’s 40 degrees, the last thing you want to do is waste time with a blender.

  • Blendtec Designer Series 1 l Mixer

Blendtec has been recognized for a few years already for the very powerful mixers it manufactures. With its 1,560 watt motor, this Designer Series mixer is no exception. It overcomes the ice in no time.

Quickly, it will become an essential small appliance in your kitchen; because it can also help you make ice cream, mince meat, grind coffee and even knead bread dough! Besides, it comes with a book including no less than 240 recipes.