Whether it’s for getting a referral, closing a referral or a new deal. You can have the right software for managing your telecalling, but unless you get follow-ups right it won’t matter. Here are some of the best templates to send on email or even on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Official API.

1.  Initiate conversation

Need high-quality leads?

Hey (name), 

Getting a consistent flow of high-quality leads is a MUST for business growth and we all know how overwhelming it can be!

Here are the ways how we can help you tackle these common issues to take your tele-sales CRM game to the next level.

Join us and I’ll share various resources, materials, use cases, and our experiences working with different clients. Moreover, we’ll provide some personalized tips on how you can grow your business with us. Sign up right away!

Best regards,


2.  Follow Up Template after the first conversation

Pleasure Talking with you!

Hi (Prospect),

It was pleasant talking to you (or meeting you) today and getting interesting insights about your job role in the company. I can understand how (insert challenges they’re facing, as discussed) is creating bottlenecks in your sales pipeline and its negative impact on your (insert the consequences discussed).

We can efficiently help you overcome the challenges you’re facing by (insert a personalized solution on how your products/services will help them) (make a bullet list if there are multiple points). 

Attaching a file (or link) to the resources that’ll give you a better understanding of our services/products.

I’d love to discuss with you how other companies are benefitting from us. 

When is a good time on your calendar to spare me 15 minutes?



3. Re-engaging Template

Here’s how we can help!

Hi there,

Ever wondered if you’re making crucial mistakes in telesales CRM? Can’t make enough calls per day? Unable to efficiently track the progress of all your call sessions? Or, simply looking to take your Calling and Tele-Sales CRM  pipeline to the next level? We have meticulously curated an excellent CRM solution for modern businesses.

Check out our website to know more about how you can make more calls daily, close more deals, and boost CRM efficiency. (Insert website link/helpful resources and materials)



4.  Follow Up Again 

We are Available anytime!

Hi (name),

I know it can get hectic at work to manage your CRM team and help them close more deals and boost sales. I hope the resources and materials I sent you helped you in some way to boost sales productivity and that you shared the same with your team. 

In case you missed it, here it is again (add link). What is the best date on your calendar for a quick call? 

Awaiting your response. I’d be pleased to work around your preferred timing.



5. Break up Template after multiple follow-ups

This Hurts.

Hi (name),

Is it you or is it me? I want to reach out to let you know I have amazing suggestions on how you can boost your tele-sales CRM flow to generate more leads and close a greater number of deals. If I don’t get a response from you, I’ll assume this is just not the right time. If not now, maybe sometime in the future.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Below you will find my contact details. I still have some very good ideas for your CRM initiatives. 

Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


6. Final Call for Closure

Is that it? Permission to cross you off my list?

Hey there, 

We are just running through the sales pipeline and closing files for mid-year. Since we haven’t been getting any response from you over the past couple of months, I’m going to assume you simply don’t have time or aren’t interested. 

If you’re still interested, let me know how we can proceed.

If you’re not interested, do I have your permission to close your file?

No worries, just let me know so I can take further action. I’ll be more than happy to keep you on the list and discuss further how our CRM solution will help incredibly with your tele-sales flow. 

Thanks for your time.