We were at Animal Kingdom’s Starbucks location, Creature Comforts today, to try the NEW Starbucks drink as part of the updated winter menu. Get ready to get nuts – there’s a new flavor of PISTACHIO!

This morning, we noticed that Starbucks stores in all four Disney World parks have updated their menus to include Pistachio Latte and Pistachio Frappuccino.

Well, obviously we had to try this new flavor, so we showed up this morning and opted for Pistachio Frappuccino!

This new drink has a sweet pistachio flavor mixed with coffee, milk and ice, and finished with whipped cream and a rich and salty topping with butter and brown. The latte is similar, but made as a hot drink!

We think this drink is very tasty! Like most frappuccinos, it was very cold and creamy. The pistachio flavor is more of a aftertaste; we definitely noticed that the coffee tasted more. We would like it if the pistachio flavor were a little stronger, but coffee and pistachio fans would like this!