Etherium is one of the most popular and best-performing cryptocurrencies on the market. The advanced technology and wide range of possible applications drive the price of the ETH in recent years. Hence, as a minded investor, you probably keep some of your crypto funds in ETH. But, the holding strategy is not always the best one, especially when you want to benefit from ETH price fluctuations.

Active trading requires a deep investigation of the market on a daily if not on an hourly basis. Here, you’d have to follow the rule buy low and sell high. You can follow the fluctuation of the price manually and research all the market events influencing the price changes. Another option is to use specific trading tools like TradingView, helping to get alerts once the price reaches a certain point. Regardless of the option you choose for active trading, it’s essential to define the best place for performing the transactions. Here crypto exchanges come into play. 

Where Can You Trade ETH?

When you have decided to trade ETH, you have to consider where to perform your transactions. Here, several factors have to be taken into account:

  • Security – you definitely do not want to lose your money within the transaction process
  • Anonymity – most investors prefer to stay anonymous during the exchange process, especially when they exchange large sums
  • Analytics – many platforms offer the possibility to see the exchange rates in dynamics, as well as propose various other analytical tools to make the minded decisions

Once, you’ve chosen the platform serving your purposes you have to define, what types of transactions you plan to focus on.

Etherium Trading Top Techniques

ETH does keep traded into a plethora of trading pairs – both with cryptocurrencies and fiat – 24 hours a day. Because the market is always in dynamics, traders use stop loss and take profit orders. Consequently, their positions are exited mechanically so a secure value level is reached.

Others use buying and selling bots in imitation of attaining theirs desires – or though this performs function some about the strong labor because of you, it’s crucial in accordance with assure to that amount the tool you use is dependable. (Always take into account that amount a bot is by no means a substitute for human involvement.)

A frequent strategy to ETH trading involves contracts for difference, a by-product of the place you don’t clearly cease on proudly owning the cryptocurrency. Instead, you add a settlement between a dealer based totally on whether you think the value of Ether will go up or down. If you adopt a long position then ETH’s cost rises, the broker will grant you to give up over the trading session. But once the price falls, you’ll give up above making a loss. Through CFDs, it’s also viable to employ over quick positions then predict that ETH price is going to decline.

If you’re searching because of a greater long-term buying and selling strategy, you might also pick in conformity with buying ETH or hold to such between the expectancy to that amount fees intention rise. We’re also forasmuch a spread on vile products begins according to emit the market – certain as like futures and options – which help dealers to guard themselves against volatility.

As you understand it’s hard to research the entire crypto market and control the prices of various cryptocurrencies. Consequently, most investors choose several popular cryptocurrency payment system and perform active trading within their limited pool to achieve success. Taking into account that Bitcoin and Etherium are the two most popular cryptos with long-term market history, many investors choose these two coins for their trading operations. That’s one of the most conservative, yet effective strategy, that many investors follow. Let’s explore how to implement this strategy.

How to Convert ETH to BTC in Several Simple Steps

Once you’ve decided to convert etc to btc, examine among the fees regarding the exchange platforms, and choose the one providing the fixed rates for transactions and required level of anonymity. Buy Bitcoin along with Ethereum Classic in conformity to get the first-mover advantage on Bitcoin namely the excellent price option, besides the involvement of third-party participants and institutions. Start to trade in three simple steps at, which has fixed trading rates, guarantees complete anonymity of transactions, and has no limits on the transaction volume. You just have to specify the trading pair, choose the amount you plan to convert, enter your Bitcoin address, and perform the exchange. The platform guarantees the fixed exchange rate during the transaction.