The NBA 2K22 series is back with another title. NBA 2K22 will be a fresh start for MyPlayer, MyTeam, and MyPark, with new badges to experience along with new environments.

As the number of badges increases, players will have more options to consider when choosing the ultimate badge skin. While you can get away with no badges against the AI, you’ll need to do your analysis if you’re looking to take on other players. NBA 2K22 MT coins can also be used to buy 2K22 MT your favorite player in NBA2k22.

Shooting in NBA 2K22 relies heavily on badges, as you don’t need the high-end attributes you did last year. We’ve broken down the best NBA 2K22 shooting badges in this post. So when it comes to shooting badges, these are the options that define the game. Whether it’s shooting from a distance, dribbling to the post, shooting back, or shooting back, these are the NBA 2K22 decals that turn the average player into a scoring machine.


All shooters need is a precise angle to make a shot, but there can always be a defender you can’t get rid of. If time runs out, you’ll have no choice but to take that hit and hope the defender doesn’t mess it up for you.

Blinders allow shooters to take one more minor penalty when taking shots while the defender is closing in on a fine, blocking the view of him. A badge will let you increase your shooting percentage against defensive formations, as you will be less reliant on finding open positions.

Volume Shooter

The importance of the Volume Shooter badge is mind-boggling, regardless of whether the shots go off or not; as the player continues to shoot, his shots-to-shots ratio increases. By the end of the game, their hits are automatic.

The best shooting rangers in the game are expected to put a lot of shots in every game. Even players who struggle early have to keep shooting to get the effect of this badge. They will probably be the difference makers by the end of the long game.


Sniper was too difficult for most players, even veterans, to put four points on in the past. With poor timing, the shot is less likely to land. The reward for good timing was always a bonus, but getting the timing right was even more difficult.

With the improved shot meter, the range of what constitutes a good shot is now much more extensive, making Sniper’s effect more on reward than risk. The best 3-point shooter will want to invest in this badge once he gets the moment of the hit.

Slippery Off-Ball

Openness helps everyone. Even strict finishing players who have never taken jump shots should earn the Slippery Off-Ball badge because they’ll be able to shake their barrels for an easy finishing touch or alley. Those trying to create the best shooting rangers will need it for various reasons. Putting three balls in with a defender in the player’s face is rarely successful, especially for a human-controlled defender.

Stop & Pop

If the only criteria are playing against the AI, more dribbling and shooting badges will take the cut. Unfortunately, human opponents tend not to get caught up in the shuffle, which is why screen, selection, and scrolls dominate online play. But Stop & Pop doesn’t require tricking a defender into making three. All you have to do is dribble, then shoot, and the shot pays big on your rating. Badges like this are valuable for how often they appear on photos and the versatility they give the player behind the arc.

Hot Zone Hunter

Rumors were circulating in NBA 2K22 that the Hot Zone Hunter badge would be removed. Well, there’s a reason people shouldn’t gossip because this totally overpowered flagship from last year made an unlikely comeback.

Hot Spots are not ranked, but after a few games, the algorithm will detect the most common shots a player takes and provide a boost when shooting from that location. 3-point shooters will love this kind of thing, but post-game players will love it because you really can’t help but get to your perfect position.