M9 Bayonet is an iconic weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Based on the real-life Smith & Wesson SW3B, it’s equivalent to a regular bayonet, though its appearance is outstanding. Especially if you have an M9 bayonet crimson web or another special version and a good pair of gloves for it. 

What Is M9?

M9 Bayonet is one of the most appreciated knives among CS:GO players. Like its prototype Smith & Wesson SW3B, this weapon can be used as a bayonet with a rifle or as a knife on its own. In CS:GO it is used as a knife. 

As for Crimson Web skin, it’s a great looking one that combines the color crimson with the metal blade behind it. This version is one of the most expensive weapons in the game — just take a look at the prices it’s sold for. The lowest price available (as on 23 March 2022) on the popular DMarket is $268.15 for a well-worn one, and up to $540 for a Field-Tested version.

It’s interesting that its price does not depend on its float value (which can range from 0.80 to 0.06) — and there are fans of all float values. The less worn items look almost completely red, while on the well-worn ones, there are just traces of it on the raw steel, which makes the bayonet look bloody and brutal. As you can see, a Battle-Scarred M9 Crimson Web can be just as expensive as a Field-Tested one, if not more so.

Why Gloves Matter

CS:GO uses a first-person perspective, so all you see of your character is your weapons and your hands. This makes gloves the most important cosmetic item. They don’t add anything to your fighting abilities or raise your stats, but they make your view more spectacular — especially if you are into streaming.

As most weapons are customizable and are available in various skins, the gloves should fit the skin you choose for your weapon. You can make a good pair your trademark, and with that knife and these gloves, a wonderful combo! The best gloves for M9 Bayonet Crimson Web are:

·       Bloodhound Charred Gloves. Most of the time you won’t even notice they are fingerless. The contrast between the lean and mean black with a metal skull and the color crimson is impressive.

·       Driver Crimson Weave Gloves. The color perfectly matches the knife itself.

·       Specialist Crimson Web Gloves. Again, it’s a color match, but there is more to this pair: the futuristic and aggressive red and black coloring, especially fantastic in Minimal Wear.

Where to Buy

A great red combo can be bought on DMarket where trading is more profitable than on Steam due to its lower fees and greater supply. The prices may bite, but this incredible look contributes to the kicks you get from the game. If you are into trading rather than playing, DMarket is the place to sell as well as to buy. Take a look to see for yourself.