There are many ways to increase the beauty of a woman’s eyes, but every woman has their style regarding eye makeup. Kajal is a cosmetic for beautiful eyes. It is applied around the eyes contours and creates an aesthetic effect. It is also claimed that kajal helps to keep the eyes clean and cool. Kajal comes in many types, and you can choose the one that is best suitable for your eyes. As kajal is an essential makeup product of every woman, it is essential that it is chosen the right way and pick up the right product that is feasible for you. The eye makeup market has a mix of many products that are smudge-proof, waterproof, etc. But what you choose and the way you apply it makes all the difference. 

Liquid kajal helps to create clean lines and has a marker-type tip. Using this tip, you can easily trace your eyes to give the exact look of a kajal. It is a little tough to use liquid kajal, but when you try it out, it becomes easy to get the shape required for your beautiful eyes. It comes in various colours and finishes. It increases the darkness and gives your thin lines. But it takes a lot of time to dry, but once it is applied and dried, it stays for a long time.

There are many factors to choose the right kajal. A few of them are:

  1. There is retractable or sharp enable kajal that you can select from. Also, there are many textures and colours that you can choose. Choose the one that is best suitable for your complexion and eyes. 
  2. It is better to avoid the eye makeup that has glitter in them as the glitters hurt your eyes.
  3. In case you have sensitive eyes, select the more natural kajal eyeliner. 
  4. Also, consider buying kajal that is of superior quality that has more nourishing ingredients as eyes are essential and are more exposed to infections. 
  5. Go in for lighter shades like brown or dark brown. Applying these shades makes your eyes look bigger. 

To apply liquid kajal effectively, follow the steps:

  1. Glide the kajal on your eyes. Initiate the applying of kajal to your lower waterline to make it look more prominent. Start at the out corners to get a dark colour. For small eyes, avoid applying kajal to the inner corners, making the eyes look smaller. 
  2. Layer it up. Remember that layering is the secret for a long-lasting makeup. Start to line your eyes from the outer corner and work towards the inner corner. This will ensure that you do not get any excess kajal dropped in the inner corners. Take care to apply generous coats based on your like to give well-defined eyes. 
  3. In case you prefer a smoky-eye, make use of a smudging brush to smudge off each layer gently. Based on the occasion you use; you can create the look you prefer.
  4. Tight line the water line at the top side.  To highlight your eyes more, line the upper waterline using your kajal along with the roots of your lashes. This step will immediately make your eyelashes to appear thicker and gives a popping eye. 
  5. Strengthen the upper eyelid. Put extra effort on the upper eyelid. Close your eyes and draw a soft line that starts from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eyes. For better application, make use of short strokes and then get it thicker based on your preference. Using natural colours will add more beauty to your eyes. 

Faces Canada magneteyes eyeliner is a good product that has a think brush and easy to use. It dries quickly. This eyeliner has an intense black finish that helps you get beautiful and bold eyes. The waterproof formula glides smoothly, dries up fast, and is long-lasting. It is easy to apply while it defines your eyes beauty. 


Applying kajal to your eyes carefully gives a beautiful look to your eyes. Follow these tips and tricks to get your eyes an attractive look because presenting beautiful eyes is a wish for all women.