Legendary and TOHO a company from Japan are responsible for Godzilla versus Kong movies. Sony also has some parts of the movie rights as well. So, the big question here is can we expect a new Godzilla movie by 2023? Believe it or not, this is a hard topic and there are odds going up in both directions. You can bet on it at any gambling site including Casper Spins or William Hill. Let’s try to understand the topic a bit better.

A New Movie is Guaranteed

Hold your horses. A new Godzilla movie is possible and it will likely be filmed and released sooner than you may believe. However, this will unlikely happen before 2023. These movies are complicated to film and they are expensive. These also require a lot of time to be edited and to all effects produced successfully. In other words, there is no filming present of this kind at the moment and it is not going to start soon hence seeing a completed movie before 2023 is unlikely. Yes, we all want to see one, but this isn’t something we can reveal accurately today.

We do know that a new movie will be made in the near future. Hollywood makes well-known movies on a regular basis. Remakes are more popular than ever before and successful movies come in countless sequels. If we know all of that, we can tell that a new Godzilla movie will be filmed, period. In simple terms, Godzilla was a massive success, hence a new sequel is almost guaranteed. Thanks to modern technology these movies are better than ever before and they are loaded with effects we all want to see. Also, these movies have impressive scenes that cannot be seen in other movies which is always a nice thing and a clear advantage. 

The best thing here is that these movies are 100% original. These are unique, developed to perfection and they are not similar to any other movie you can watch. This makes them special in the lack of a more appropriate word and more appealing than anything else. What we are trying to see is that movies of this kind have huge popularity and part in the hearts of the viewers. This is almost a guarantee that movies will be very popular and will make a lot of profit. Companies know this hence they will make a new movie as often as they can in order to make a profit. For us, it means that a guarantee is there. 

When it comes to Sci-Fi movies of this kind, countless possibilities are present and there are new ideas created every single day. What this means is that a new movie can be about anything and can feature any plot possible. 

Godzilla vs Kong Movie Is Possible As Well

Legendary and TOHO are responsible for filming the first Godzilla vs Kong movie. At the moment we know that they do not work on anything like this and there is no detailed information. But, we also know that they have in plan to make a new movie.

At the end of the first movie, both creatures are alive and well. This means that the sequel is easy to make and it is more possible than you may imagine. There are a lot of speculations that a new movie will be filmed in the near future. Will that happen before 2023 it is unclear at the moment and we believe new pieces of information won’t be released any time soon. 

However, we do know that the studios are successful and they have countless plans and ideas for making a new movie like this. Once again, popular movies are filmed more often than anything else and they are known for making a massive profit. As such, a new Godzilla vs Kong movie is more likely than you may believe. 

The Final Word

The answer to the question at the top is yes and no. Yes, there will probably be a new Godzilla and a new Godzilla vs Kong movie but will that happen before 2023, probably no. 

However, we believe that in the near future we can expect to see these movies and we know that they are going to be a massive success. Godzilla movies have always been filmed with the best technologies and adored by viewers. New ones will share the same path and there is no way around it.