Class 10 is considered to be the first step towards moving out of primary school and getting into secondary school. The marks obtained in this exam determine what subjects and career you can pursue in the future. Hence, you need to put in your best efforts and study hard and smart to score high marks in all subjects including Math. But mathematics requires you to practice each and every day throughout the year, to ensure you do not forget the formulas and concepts present in the different chapters. This is where NCERT solutions for class 9 maths can prove to be more than handy.

Scoring in Math

Although there are other tough subjects like Chemistry and Physics, the majority of the students seem to fear the Math subject. This is because of the extensive syllabus combined with lots of formulas that students are to deal with. The Math syllabus is mostly based on the logical framework, thereby making it quite dreadful for those who fear it.

Tips to follow

  • Know syllabus weightage and contents well: Firstly, get to know what is included in the syllabus. Then find out the weightage given for each chapter. Give more time and devotion to those chapters that come with more weightage. This will boost your confidence while laying a solid foundation, enabling you to start practicing more difficult topics.
  • Prepare from ncert solutions for class 10 maths: This is one of the vital steps that should not be missed out during the year long preparation. Although for reference purposes, you can use supplementary books, NCERT textbooks provided by the top coaching centres like Cuemath do provide students with an exhaustive variety of exercise Q&A along with solved examples. It covers almost all topics that are to come in the exam. Practicing them is more than sufficient to score well in the board exam. Mark all difficult and important questions and ensure using the reference books along with the NCERT textbook. This will help derive immediate clarification especially on those complex topics.
  • Practice previous years’ papers and sample papers: The truth is board examiners tend to follow a specific repetition pattern when giving specific important questions. Hence, solving previous years’ papers is crucial to score high marks in the Math exam. But remember to set a deadline when solving each paper. It can help improve your time management skills, reasoning ability and speed.
  • Strategize first and then start your preparation: You will get long form questions of about 5 to 6 marks considered to be the most feared aspect especially in the math paper. Practice the different topics thoroughly and gain perfection in them. Most of them are covered in the NCERT textbooks that you should practice thoroughly.
  • Self-evaluation: Do be honest to acknowledge your weaknesses and grey areas. This will help you to feel less anxious. Devote a good amount of time to improve them rather than feel bad about the same. Try to maintain peace of mind while solving complex math problems. Otherwise, if you practice with a disturbed mind, even easy sums can appear to be more complicated.
  • Avoid rote learning: Do remember that maths is more about getting to know the concepts thoroughly. So do not mug them up as it will not help much in the exams. Get to know the basics of the formulas. They are mostly based on an individual conceptual framework. On understanding this aspect, you will be able to stop mugging endless formulas.
  • Time Management: This is crucial and hence, should be used judiciously. It involves going through the papers thoroughly. It includes those which involve underlining keywords, statements as well as selecting high scoring questions. This should be based upon your understanding. Leave some space for those questions which you feel less confident and move forwards to solve those that you are familiar with. Revisit such unsolved questions later with a fresh approach.

A maths tutor can break down fundamentals and concepts to improve your understanding. The benefit of  online learning resource is that you can get help from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you. Students can also learn at their own pace in an environment that nurtures their individual strengths and bolsters their weaknesses.

Practicing the above tips daily can help you become a master in the math subject and ensure getting high marks.