Nancy Cartwright is not just the voice behind some of animation history’s most memorable characters; she is also an astute entrepreneur and generous philanthropist. Her voice can be heard voicing iconic figures from “The Simpsons”, such as Bart Simpson and Ralph Wiggum; however, beyond vocal talents alone her business acumen and personal ventures have contributed greatly to creating her impressive net worth. Let’s explore the facets of her career and personal life that have built her $60 million net worth.

How Did Nancy Cartwright Become Famous?

Nancy Cartwright began her rise to stardom in Dayton, Ohio where her talents in public speaking provided the basis for voice acting. A turning point came when she met Daws Butler – voice actor for many Hanna-Barbera characters and eventual mentor – whom became one of her lifelong allies and mentors. This connection opened the door to her first voice-over role in “Richie Rich.”

Cartwright’s breakthrough moment came during her audition for “The Simpsons.” Originally intending to audition for Lisa Simpson’s character, but was instead drawn towards Bart’s voice – leading her to voice him instead! This swift change propelled Cartwright into fame.

Over time, her voice can be found in numerous shows and movies, earning her recognition as one of the leading voice actors in the industry. This fame stems not only from her extensive work, but also from her unique talent of breathing life into animated characters.

What Roles Does Nancy Cartwright Play on “The Simpsons”?

Nancy Cartwright’s versatility is showcased in her range of characters on “The Simpsons.” She breathes life into Bart Simpson, the irreverent and cunning middle child of the Simpson family. Her voice also animates Ralph Wiggum, the innocent and often clueless classmate, as well as Todd Flanders, the good-natured son of the Simpson’s next-door neighbor. She gives voice to the bully Nelson Muntz, with his signature laugh, and even Maggie Simpson, the baby of the family, known for her pacifier-sucking silence.

Each character she voices is distinct and beloved, contributing significantly to the show’s enduring success. Her talent in giving these characters personality and depth is a testament to her skills as a voice actor and a key aspect of her career success.

How Much Does Nancy Cartwright Earn Per Episode?

As per the latest contract details, Nancy Cartwright earns a staggering $400,000 per episode of “The Simpsons.” This figure is a testament to the value and importance of her roles on the show. With an average season comprising around 22 episodes, her annual earnings from “The Simpsons” alone can amount to approximately $9 million. This substantial income stream has significantly contributed to her net worth, making her one of the highest-paid voice actors in the world.

Her salary reflects not just the popularity of the series but also the critical role voice actors play in the success of animated shows. It is a clear indicator of how top-tier talent in the voice acting field is rewarded in today’s entertainment industry.

What Other Projects Has Nancy Cartwright Worked On?

Nancy Cartwright has established herself in Hollywood through a career that goes far beyond The Simpsons. Her credits include characters on “Rugrats”, “Kim Possible” and films like “Godzilla” and “The Little Mermaid”, as well as writing and producing projects like 2017’s “In Search of Fellini,” which was based on a play she co-wrote with David Hedison. Additionally, she’s worked on “Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa” and “Holiday Joy.”

Cartwright has also established two production companies, SportsBlast and Spotted Cow Entertainment, further diversifying her involvement in the industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity have allowed her to expand her influence beyond voice acting, contributing to her wealth and status in the entertainment sector.

What Is Nancy Cartwright’s Involvement with Scientology?

Nancy Cartwright’s personal life is intertwined with her affiliation with Scientology. After joining in the early 90s, Cartwright has become an avid devotee and donated significant sums of her fortune – it is estimated that she has given over $20 Million. This shows just how committed she is to joining this controversial faith.

Her contributions have been acknowledged by Scientology with the Patron Laureate Award. Cartwright’s support for Scientology is often discussed in the media, bringing attention to the influence celebrities have within the church and how they contribute to its operations.


Nancy Cartwright is more than the sum of her parts; she is an accomplished voice actor, successful businesswoman, and dedicated philanthropist whose net worth of $60 Million speaks volumes for her hard work, astute investments and indelible imprint on the entertainment industry. Whether it’s through the laughter that Bart Simpson brings into our homes or her significant impact off-screen, Cartwright’s legacy continues to grow, showing the world that her voice is indeed powerful, in more ways than one.

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