The Internet has been the modern marvel of a technological revolution that has been changing people’s lives for the better, ever since it was released. The number of benefits and applications of the internet is so vast that we are still figuring out new ways of internet usage. It has proven to be beneficial  in fields of information transfer, communications, and entertainment mediums so much so that the whole infrastructure of the world stands on the internet’s shoulder at the moment. This thing was also proved last year when during the COVID pandemic the whole world became internet dependent for their day-to-day tasks and we saw the birth of remote working, online education, and everything else being done over the web. Internet usage shot up by leaps and bounds during this time when a steep increase of 2.33 percent was observed in the number of internet users in 2020, which was by far the biggest number ever since it was invented.

The current user base of the internet stands at 4.66 billion active users which is even more than half of the world’s population. Even though the benefits of the internet cannot be undermined but what it has done for the communication industry is something which was never experienced in the past. The Internet introduced people to wonderful communication mediums like video calling something which was by far the most advanced communication technology and still is. On the other hand, it not only introduced new technologies but also improved the ones already in place. A major example of this is voice calling which was quite expensive especially long-distance calling which was enough to break anyone’s bank only for a few minutes call. The VoIP service was a pioneer that  reduced the costs drastically for local and long-distance calling, something you can check yourself by observing Spectrum voice plans, and also improved the quality of voice and transmission . 

Internet and Communication Industry

The internet has brought a revolution in the field of communication by improving the medium and quality of communication channels and bringing down the cost drastically. This is the reason why the world has become a global village since long-distance communication has become quite convenient in today’s world, we are living in the age of video conferencing and a collaborative work environment through which people are working together and interacting with each other even though being thousands of miles apart just through the internet. These are the means on which the entire remote working model and online education system is based upon which we have seen has not been less than a blessing in the current situation where people are barred from having physical meetings or interactions. There was a time when even a single long-distance call was too expensive that people avoided it as much as they could.

Mediums of Communication over the Internet

On the other hand, we see that due to the internet many new communication mediums have also been formed some of which we have already discussed like VoIP technology, video calling, and commonly used mediums like social media and emails are also available because of the internet. Here we are going to discuss some of these mediums in detail that has transformed the communication industry. 

VoIP Service

VoIP or Voice over the Internet is a technology through which sound signals are transmitted to the long distance over the internet. It can be considered as an upgrade to standard transmission mediums like landlines in which the sound signals were transmitted over copper wires. This wire has been replaced by the internet through this technology which allows voice data to be carried over long distances thus cutting the cost. Although there are some quality concerns and voice distortion in this medium, over time through technological advancement this would also be fixed and VoIP is going to replace all traditional phone lines and voice communication mediums soon. 


This is another wonderful communication technique that is mostly used at workspaces or for professional purposes. Email is one of the pioneers of communication over the internet as this was one of the first mediums that was transmitted over the web. However, with time there have been advancements in this technology and now users can send huge files and audiovisual data through email along with regular text.

Video Conferencing

This is the pinnacle of communication in which users are able to talk in person with both through audiovisual means. Video conferencing has been immensely helpful for people especially during the pandemic where this was the backbone technology behind work from home and online classes. The best part about this is that many video conferencing platforms are absolutely free so the only thing that the user needs is an internet connection. Users can communicate with each other in real-time and not only one-to-one communications but whole groups can use this medium for effective communication, thus the name video conferencing. 

Social Media

Social media has become such an influential tool to get your word across the world in mere seconds without any cost. Users can post pictures, create groups, share posts, and communicate whether with a group, an individual, or even the whole world. There are many different social media platforms like Facebook allows one to one conversations or communication within a group of friends, while on the other platforms like Twitter allows you to get your word across the world through its multi-million user base, while platforms like Instagram and Snapchat work on pictorial communication model. While the backbone of all these platforms is the internet 

Live Chat

This is another quick way to communicate, in live chat both users are present on the web at the same time and talk to each other through text. The model is similar to video and voice calling in which users are talking in real-time the only difference comes that the medium used is text. It is beneficial to text users when there is not adequate speed or internet data available as this medium is less data-hungry and more efficient in transmission speeds in comparison to its advanced companions. 

Final Thoughts

The Internet has been the main catalyst behind many new technologies and the field of communication is one of them. It has created ripples in this field through technological innovations and new cost-effective mediums like the one mentioned above that allow people to have better communication with people across the globe while paying practically nothing for it. This is the beauty of the internet in the communication sector.