In the world of quirky and practical inventions, Nana Hats has carved out a unique niche. This Walnut, California-based company, founded by Sean Adler, specializes in manufacturing silicone banana caps. These caps are not just functional; they’re also adorned with adorable characters like pandas, monkeys, and unicorns, making them a delightful addition to any kitchen.

The Science Behind Nana Hats

Nana Hats are ingeniously designed to extend the freshness of bananas. Bananas emit ethylene gas, a natural ripening agent. The BPA-free silicone caps of Nana Hats are specifically designed to inhibit the absorption of this gas, thereby slowing down the ripening process. The unique feature of these hats is the magnet on top, which allows for the attachment of various crocheted decorations, adding a fun element to the practical purpose.

The Journey of Nana Hats

The story of Nana Hats began with Adler’s personal challenge to keep bananas fresh for longer. After experimenting with various methods like duct tape and Saran Wrap, he sought a more effective and environmentally friendly solution. The breakthrough idea for Nana Hats came from a random journal entry, which eventually led to the product’s development and success.

Kickstarter Success and Market Presence

Before gaining wider recognition, Nana Hats started with a Kickstarter campaign in September 2020. The campaign aimed to raise $3,000 but surpassed its goal within 12 days, raising a total of $4,761. The product’s popularity grew, and it became available on Amazon and wholesale trade platforms like Faire and Tundra. The brand also gained positive press, featuring in notable publications and shows like Glamour, Men’s Health, and The Today Show.

Customer Reception and Reviews

While Nana Hats has received mixed reviews, with an overall 3.5/5-star rating on Amazon, it stands out in the market for its unique approach to preserving bananas. The lower rating in the Value-for-Money category indicates room for improvement and a potential focus area for the company to address.

Nana Hats on Shark Tank

Nana Hats’ big moment came when it featured on Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 8, aired on November 11, 2022. Founder Sean Adler presented his product, emphasizing its dual functionality and aesthetic appeal. His pitch was well-received, and the Sharks showed interest in the product’s market potential and profitability.

The Deal and Valuation

The highlight of the Shark Tank episode was the deal struck with Lori Greiner and guest Shark Peter Jones, valuing Nana Hats at $750k. This investment not only boosted the company’s financial standing but also opened doors to new markets and opportunities, thanks to the Sharks’ vast networks and expertise.

The Future of Nana Hats

Post Shark Tank, Nana Hats has seen a surge in popularity, and its valuation is expected to rise significantly. The partnership with Lori Greiner, known for her expertise in consumer products, and Peter Jones, with his extensive international connections, is poised to propel Nana Hats to new heights.

Nana Hats represents a blend of innovation, practicality, and charm. Its journey from a simple idea to a product featured on Shark Tank and valued at $750k is a testament to the power of creative problem-solving and effective entrepreneurship. As Nana Hats continues to grow and evolve, it stands as an example of how a simple concept can transform into a successful business venture, keeping our bananas fresher and our kitchens brighter.

Net Worth and Growth

As of the latest updates, the exact net worth of Nana Hats post the Shark Tank episode is not publicly disclosed. However, with the significant investment and strategic partnerships acquired through the show, the company’s net worth is undoubtedly on an upward trajectory. The $750k valuation on Shark Tank, coupled with increasing sales and market expansion, suggests a promising financial future for this innovative brand.


  1. What is the current net worth of Nana Hats?
    • Post Shark Tank, Nana Hats’ net worth is not publicly disclosed but is expected to be growing due to recent investments.
  2. How did Shark Tank affect Nana Hats’ valuation?
    • Shark Tank significantly increased Nana Hats’ valuation, securing a $750k valuation through Lori Greiner and Peter Jones’ investment.
  3. Are Nana Hats profitable as of now?
    • Yes, Nana Hats is profitable, benefiting from its unique product, Shark Tank exposure, and increasing consumer interest.
  4. What was Nana Hats’ valuation before Shark Tank?
    • Before Shark Tank, Nana Hats’ exact valuation is unknown, but it was significantly lower than the current $750k.
  5. Can Nana Hats’ net worth increase in the future?
    • Yes, Nana Hats’ net worth has strong potential for growth, driven by market expansion, strategic partnerships, and ongoing sales success.