Sometimes we forget a person we were meant to buy for. Sometimes there is someone extra to buy for. Sometimes we leave it late and that is why it is a last-minute purchase. One of the great things about hampers or gift baskets Auckland and elsewhere is that you can get something great last minute that will always be appreciated. There are lots of different types of Christmas hampers to choose from. Here is a look at some of the more traditional or popular options at this time of year.

A classic food and drink basket

Classic food and drink hampers usually have a selection of favourites for people to enjoy at this time of year. Crisps, nuts, chocolate, cookies, and fudge are some of the popular contenders. To drink commonly might be a small bottle of wine but some might contain cordial, tea, coffee or some other non-alcoholic beverage. It depends on the age of the recipient, whether they drink alcohol and your budget. Hampers with alcohol cost more.

A luxury food and drink hamper 

A luxury hamper is similar in nature to the classic but it contains more items and it will also have more indulgent and expensive items. Pricey chocolates, handmade snacks, preserves, gourmet cakes, pies or cookies, specialty popcorn, almond thins, crackers and so on. The wine is more likely to be a full-sized bottle, you can choose red or white, or you might even choose a hamper with something fizzy in it. Gift baskets Christchurch like this are more expensive but are even more special.

Wine and cheese baskets

For cheese lovers, there is always the option of a cheese basket or hamper. You can get something smaller with a selection of cheese with some artisan crackers paired with them. You might also choose a cheese and wine basket to add some festive cheer. Sometimes there are other additions or you could create your own basket, where there are also pates as well as cheeses to enjoy.

Real Ale and cheese basket

If you know someone who is a cheese lover and would love such gift baskets Auckland but they are not into wine, you could choose a beer and cheese hamper instead! There is a wide range of beers and real ales so for the beer drinkers pair that up with some cheeses and different crackers. 

Traditional treat hampers

Traditional treats at Christmas time could include a range of festive options including mince pies, Christmas cake or pudding, yule logs, shortbread, chocolates, fudge, and more. You can choose to keep it smaller and more affordable or go all out and get something a lot larger! If you know someone who has not yet ordered in all the treats they indulge in, this could be the perfect gift!


Gift baskets Christchurch are an excellent way to let someone know you care. People are not stuck with things they do not want and most places allow you the chance to order top-quality gift baskets last minute.