Since the 1960s, SAS has been serving the commercial community by providing a complete analytics solution. The software is easy and precisely designed for analytics. SAS is being utilized by more than 4000 companies worldwide on a day-to-day basis. This huge user base manifested in a large community which adds to the list of benefits of using SAS BA. From healthcare to banking to finance many industries committed themselves to SAS because of the support and reliability factor. When it comes to BA tools there are a lot of alternatives, but SAS stands out as the best option due to the massive utility and data handling capability. This article will dive deep and try to find out the key reasons for which SAS enjoys an acceptance like no other software out there. Due to the massive utility and acceptance, almost all the renowned business analyst training programs tend to include SAS in their curriculum in order to prepare a candidate for real-world industry challenges.

The completeness of offerings

SAS is far greater than an average programming tool. SAS is a complete analytics package made for resolving all the analytics problems a venture might face. Additionally, due to the wide reach of SAS, it enjoys extensive collaborations with experienced partners. From installation to maintenance, every aspect of the tools is managed with finesse and perfection. Apart from being a complete analytics solution, SAS comes with an extensive support system handled by experts and the services can be availed from any part of the planet. 

Because of these reasons a venture can safely choose and rely upon SAS as a stand-alone solution coming from only one vendor. Thus the need for managing multiple collaborations is redundant and the experience is hassle-free.

The competition present in the market is mostly dedicated programming languages. Therefore, there is a constant need of developing personalized analytics models. 

When it comes to handling a large amount of data SAS outperforms its competitions by a huge margin. Due to the adeptness of handling a large amount of data, SAS is being used in healthcare, banking, and many other public sectors. The seamless experience of having all the advantages from one single tool has made SAS BA the most preferred among large businesses as well.

Ease of use 

SAS comes with a graphical user interface, and it is known for being a tool accessible by non-technical personnel as well. Without significant knowledge in analytics, an individual can understand the representation of SAS. Due to this easy-going nature, SAS is being used in completely unrelated industries like sports and academia.

Due to the wide variety of offerings, businesses don’t experience the need to develop. Instead, they can choose from the tools on offer. In addition to that, the customer support system of SAS is known for resolving major issues with unmatched efficiency. The services of SAS make a complete solution for analytics, something accessible by any interested user.

Industry experience

SAS is a constantly developing tool. And the constant upgrades it enjoys are due to the wide user base belonging to various fields. As the development and support team of SAS is extremely active, it addresses the needs of the users and tries to cater to the flaws experienced by the users. As a result, SAS incorporates a huge industry experience in its development and troubleshooting efforts.

Additionally, SAS is around for quite a long time now. And due to the extensive and long service record, the tool is blessed with enormous experience regarding many industries. Additionally, constant development has always been a part of SAS which gradually established the tool as the “godfather of analytics”.

Reliability and security

Due to the lengthy temporal presence, SAS has become one of the most consistent analytics tools. Big businesses tend to conduct huge operations, and errors in the processes can be disastrous in terms of finance. Additionally, for big operations, data security is extremely important. A simple breach can present unavoidable obstacles sometimes paralyzing the whole venture. SAS makes sure that the data it handles is completely secure and devoid of breachable vulnerability.

Additionally, the tools and models available in SAS are tested through time and experience, The programmers make sure that a deployed program is completely tested and valid with a promise of unparalleled reliability.

However, the wheel of advancement hasn’t yet stopped for SAS. the tools are still constantly developing. And with time, they are expected to become even more user-friendly and efficient in keeping the promise of being the best.