If you’re a parent, you know that your kids are your pride and joy – but they can also be like a cyclone running through your house. A mixture of seemingly endless energy, combined with lots of toys and short attention spans leads to a junky mess of a home even after an afternoon of play.

According to scientific studies, clutter drains your brain’s resources, and can lead to increased stress levels, anxiety, and even depression.

House cleaning isn’t typically on anyone’s list of favorite things to do, but it’s necessary. Use these tips to turn your dirty house into an amazing and relaxing place to live.

Create Time and Take a Deep Breath

The first step seems simple, but can be the most difficult. But it’s absolutely the most important – breathe.

When you have a messy house, the task of restoring order to it can seem like a burden that is too difficult to overcome. Your mind starts racing at a thousand miles per hour and resistance builds. Before you know it, you’re either stuck in a loop of procrastination or dread.

Instead of jumping head-first into your cleaning project, give yourself a minute to relax and decompress. You might even want to go outside and get some fresh air or engage in one of your favorite activities before going back in the house and taking on the cleaning project head-on.

Get the Kids Involved

Next, it’s crucial that you get the kids involved in the cleaning process. This teaches them the importance of maintaining a tidy home and lets them know that it’s their responsibility to clean up their messes.

Holding your children accountable for their mess will help them take ownership and pride in where they live, and will perhaps help them think twice about creating huge messes. Resist the temptation to do it all for them. Instead, assign tasks and put some teamwork and effort into the cleaning project.

It’s a growth opportunity that is great for the whole household.

Go Item Type by Item Type

Home cleaning projects are always cumbersome when you focus on the huge mess in front of you. Instead of looking at the macro, find ways to break the project down piece by piece.

One of the many cleaning hacks you can use is to start cleaning based on items, rather than trying to tackle everything all at once. For instance, you can start with toys, then move on to dirty dishes that are laying around, and then pick up all the loose clothing items strewn about.

When you go item by item, you will start to see more progress, which helps to reduce the dread and resistance that you’re feeling with your cleaning project. This is an excellent way to trick your brain with a simple shift of focus.

It makes the project fun and takes the stress out of it.

Start With Rooms and Sections

You should also break down your project into rooms and sections. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple kids involved with the cleaning project.

Everyone can split up into different sections that they’re responsible for. You can report back on progress and take breaks periodically. Tackling the project by rooms lightens the burden and gives you a plan of attack.

Before you know it, you have a completely clean house and can kick your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Don’t Be Precious With Clutter

You will be cleaning forever if you’re afraid to throw things away. If you’re a mini hoarder or a packrat, this puts undue pressure on you to keep things that you likely don’t use or need.

Make a clean house your biggest priority, and get rid of anything that has only been taking up space in your household. Shift your focus once again and look at it as an opportunity to buy yourself more freedom in your house. You can also brighten up someone else’s life by giving away plenty of your gently used items.

Visit your local Goodwill or Salvation Army so that you can donate things that you don’t need to a good cause.

Use the Best Cleaning Products You Can Find

Stock up on some cleaning products so that you can deep clean your home and sanitize it. This will help you scrub down your surfaces, make your glass sparkle, and give your entire household a pleasant aroma.

For best results, look into some natural, eco-friendly cleaning products that are gentle, yet effective. Take the time to sweep, mop, clean your floors, and make sure that your bathrooms and bedrooms are clean. Do some loads of laundry and make sure that your dishes are washed, dried, and put away properly.

Dump the trash and scrub down the trash cans to get rid of odors and bacteria. Make a trip to the store if you need to get any supplies or equipment in advance.

Set a Maintenance Plan and Schedule

Once you’re finished, make sure that you can maintain your home after it’s clean. The best way to manage the upkeep is to have a cleaning schedule and a plan of action that everyone understands and can follow.

This makes the cleanliness of your home everyone’s responsibility and teaches your kids a valuable lesson.

When you need help in a pinch, you can always hire the help of a professional cleaning service to assist you. If you’re looking for the best professionals available, click here to start your research.

Clean Your Dirty House Effectively

The tips above are useful when you need to clean up the dirty house that your kids created. This is an experience that every parent goes through, so take the time to understand what it takes. You will love the end result, and your home will look and smell amazing in the process.

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