Coronavirus outbreak In India has affected the lives of millions. A significant setback has been observed in the real estate sector. Various surveys have shown that the real estate market is set to pick up only if smart strategies are adopted by real estate developers. As everything has come to a complete standstill, it is very important to find and implement new methodologies to counter back this pandemic.

The most problematic issue right now is that as a real estate developer or a property consultant is it not possible to physically go outside and reach out to your customers and clients. Here are some of the best strategies for you to defeat the coronavirus setback in the real estate market:

CONNECTING VIRTUALLY: You can make the best use of presentations to showcase the valuable points of your luxury 3bhk flat in Uttam Nagar and other important regions of the national capital. You can make a video of the property and talk about all the minute details along with answering the queries of the clients. Kamal associates, very well renowned property consultants in the city, have successfully implemented this innovation, and the majority of clients have chosen Kamal Associates to buy their dream 2bhk flats in Uttam Nagar and other important hubs of the capital city.

2. MULTIPLE WAYS OF COMMUNICATION: A successful property consultant should always build upon a good customer relationship by providing multiple ways of communication. If the consultant is easily approachable through any mode of communication, this will work wonders especially when the world is going through a lockdown. This will benefit the clients as well as the property consultants

3. AUTOMATED PROCESS: You can provide multiple computerized tools to your customers such as chat box or Google forms so that the client may find all the appropriate queries instantly. The use of artificial intelligence automates the whole process for the client and thus makes it a user-friendly process and maximizes customer satisfaction.

4. ATTRACTIVE OFFERS: It is undoubted the best time to sell the property as there can be many factors in your favour if you get yourself technically sound and establish a good communication network with your current as well as potential future clients. Thus it is important to give some attractive offers to your clients who will help you attract more investments and buyers. Kamal Associates give away many offers and schemes to every client and they have the most satisfied customers, making them one of the best property consultants in Uttam Nagar. Given below are a few examples of attractive offers that can be given to the clients:

  • Minimum Application fees
  • Discounts on GST
  • Possession ready apartments
  • Rebate on cancellation charges


Thus, as per the customer point of view, they want a consultant who is professional, well-reputed, delivered reliable projects in the past, and easy to approach in case of any issues. If a client is looking for a 2bhk flat in Uttam Nagar, an easy mechanism should be set up for the customer so that the entire process goes out smoothly without taking many initiatives of reaching out to your clients in the current covid times.

Every property consultant and developer needs to take this covid opportunity t in your favour by the advancement of your technical competencies. If a real estate developer applies these smart strategies, there are no doubts that we can defeat this pandemic comprehensively and support our economy the best possible way we can.