Using cloud-based programs is one of the best ways to get things done, but how do you choose between SharePoint vs OneDrive?

Both Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive are two popular programs that provide a plethora of benefits to users. While they both offer similar benefits, their features are different.

Because of this, you must figure out which program will best suit your needs if you want to avoid wasting time. To help you, we’ll go over SharePoint Online and OneDrive so you have an easier time deciding.

Read on to find out what you need to know about Sharepoint vs OneDrive!

What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web service that helps businesses manage multiple things from one place. When using SharePoint, a business can manage its onboarding process, access documents, provide customer support, and oversee projects.

What makes Microsoft SharePoint a great program is the fact that businesses can access it from their browser on any device. When linking SharePoint to a computer, you can view data from that computer from anywhere.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is similar to SharePoint in that its services revolve around using the cloud to access things from multiple devices. However, unlike SharePoint, OneDrive isn’t meant for business management. Instead, it’s designed to backup and recover files.

Many Windows computers come with OneDrive pre-installed, so users can quickly opt into the service. Depending on your settings, you can automatically save new downloads to OneDrive to access them later on another device. This is commonly done with photos and documents.

When using a new device, you can open OneDrive and find an overview of everything you’ve backed up. From there, you can start downloading the files to the device you’re using.

How to Choose One

Choosing between Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive is as simple as deciding whether you need a program for business management. Although you can enjoy SharePoint’s benefits as a regular user, it’s best for business use because of all the project management features it has.

Those that are looking to make copies of everything should go with OneDrive because it’s convenient and easy to use. However, learning how to use SharePoint also doesn’t take much.

If your computer has OneDrive, you’ll likely see several notifications for it upon starting the computer. Clicking on a notification will take you to OneDrive’s menu, letting you use its features.

SharePoint vs OneDrive, You Decide Which Is Best

Now that you have a better idea of what SharePoint and OneDrive are, it’s time to start thinking about which one suits you. Settling the SharePoint vs OneDrive debate is easy, it shouldn’t take you long to choose.

Keep in mind that OneDrive comes with many new Windows computers, so there’s a good chance you may have it already. If you want to use SharePoint Online, you can visit Microsoft’s website to learn more about the service.

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