Do you know when you feel like watching a movie and don’t know which one to choose? Sometimes, a movie buff, a group of friends, or a couple want to see it in the cinema, in streaming, or on TV, but they have various options to choose from and do not know which one to opt for. In this scenario, they don’t want to go to the cinema, and therefore they will have to choose on TV or the PC, and they don’t know which way to go.You can use tools like the internet, in which there are many sites with lists of films divided by categories or by year of release, which can guide the user to the choice. Continue reading below on how to select the best one. 

Choose a movie based on the director

As everyone knows, the true essence of a film is the director who puts all his skill and competence into each screenplay. He/she often combines a story that might already be written by a screenwriter or a novel and makes it his own, making it unique and real. And it is precisely for this reason that great Hollywood registers such as Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron are among the most famous in this field as they have managed to revive stories from the pastperfectly.The ideal solution is to choose a great director combined with excellent actors to watch a great cinematic masterpiece. 

Search the review

Before buying or renting a movie, type its title on Google followed by the word reviews and read reviews about it. The criticism of a film can take down your interest or sharpen it further, but the important thing is that you may have some idea of the content and purpose of the film. You can go online and enter words such as nonton movie to get options available for you.Many cinemas are loved and appreciated a lot by one part of the public while for others they are not something to be worth the time to look at; while other films, made by unknown actors and directors are loved very much to the point of being able to reach a very high peak.Then it is also possible to choose films based on the awards received, such as the Oscars, which can select the most beautiful films in the Hollywood world or the actors who have starred in the film uniquely and flawlessly. Very often, a director asks for the presence of specific actors who have received one of these coveted awards.

Without generalizing

Generalizing anything is a mistake. So, you can find excellent films in very small and cheap productions, but this will require some mining work or even luck. And if you are not willing to waste time on this type of work, choose the shortcuts we gave and enjoy the popcorn!


Now you know how to choose a good movie that you will enjoy watching. Sitting down and streaming what you want may not be easy, but it may help you a lot with this idea. Another option is downloadingnonton moviesand starting streaming online.

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