Matthew Stafford is an NFL player who became famous in United Statesand Canada,and first played for the Detroit Lions and later was an offensive lineman with the Los Angeles Rams. He began the course of his NFL professional career back in the year 2009 after he signed with the Detroit Lions. He is currently playing in the Los Angeles Rams.

Matthew Stafford Net Worth was the most-paid NFL player of the year 2017. Forbes even named him the highest-paid player in the year the year 2018. Then, he was named as one of the top 10 highest-paid athletes in the world. This article will provide information about Matthew Stafford, his journey and net worth.

Matthew Stafford About Matthew Stafford

John Matthew Stafford has aced his way through countries like that of United Statesand Canada,known for his game. From Detroit Lions and now in Los Angeles Rams, he has broken numerous records during his career.

Matthew Stafford Net Worth has reached its highest at the moment. He signed a contract for six years for the Detroit Lions in the amount of 41.7 million dollars. The contract was extended by three years. Then, with a staggering 135 million dollar sum the contract was renewed. The moment the Los Angeles Rams decided to sign him, they given 115.727 million dollars to sign a four-year contract.

His private life

Matthew Stafford was born on 7 February 1988. The first time he played football was in college in which he got to know Kelly Hall. He was her cheerleader on the team. They were married in the year 2015. They have four daughters, of which two twins.

Is Matthew Stafford’s Net Worth in 2022?

At present, Stafford’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million. His earnings per year are around 17 million dollars as well as two million dollars via various endorsements.

After signing an extension with Detroit He became the highest-paid athlete in the National Football League. He endorsed various brands like PepsiCo, fanatics, Ford Motor, etc. He earns about 2 million dollars annually. Recently, Matthew and his wife have given one million dollars for the Education Foundation of Detroit.

Break-up from his income

Based on Matthew Stafford Net Worth, according to Matthew Stafford Net Worth report of Matthew Stafford Matthew Stafford Net Worth, his earnings have been in the following manner:

YearSourceDurationContract Price(In dollars)Bonus Signing(In dollars)
2009-2015Detroit Lions6 years old72 million
2013-2017Detroit Lions3 years old53 million27.5 million
2017-2021Detroit Lions5 years old135 million50 million
2021Los Angeles Rams4 years old115.727 million10 million


John Matthew Stafford has achieved plenty of success in his professional life to his success. After a stellar career as a quarterback and receiving numerous accolades for his play. He’s even been in the top spot on the list for the highest-paid players in NFL.

This article we’ve learned about Matthew Stafford Net Worth. The estimate is that his net worth at present is approximately 80 million dollars.