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Due to the growing popularity of anime in the United States and other countries, more and more people are checking information on their favorite anime series.

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A few words about High-Rise Invasion

Before we share the details of the High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors voice actors, let’s take a look at the show.

The Japanese Manga series ran from 2013 to 2019. Recently, the popular OTT platform Netflix announced that it will bring the series to its platform. According to the information available, the series will start on February 25.

The plot of the series revolves around Yuri Honjo, a high school student who tries to survive in a world where killers run amok. The series is an adaptation of the game of death with a similar name.

About High Rise Invasion English voice actors

The show’s arrival on Netflix sparked interest in the show. It has been announced that many famous voice actors will be voicing characters in this horror / survival animated series.

Now viewers in countries like the United States will be able to watch this action-packed series as the series is being adapted in English. Many prominent voice actors have been hired to preach the characters from High-Rise Invasion.

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Who are English High Rise Invasion voice actors?

The voice of the protagonist Yuri Honjo, a high school girl fighting masked killers in a world full of skyscrapers, is spoken by Suzie Yeung. In the Japanese version, Haruka Shiraishi gave her voice to the same character.

Meanwhile, Jennie Kwan, the famous voice actress, is the voice of Mayuko Nise. The names of the English voice actors for the other supporting characters in the series are listed below.

• Kuon Shinzaki – Stephanie Sheh

• Sniper Mask – Jonah Scott

• Mamoru Aikawa – Johnny Yong Bosch

• Yayoi Kusakabe – Cristina Vee

• Rika Honjo – Zeno Robinson

Final remarks

Today’s article on English High Rise Invasion voice actors provides detailed information on the people voicing characters from the popular High-Rise Invasion manga.

Fans of the show can watch it on Netflix and explore a world of chaos and horror. The game-based series attracted a lot of attention during its run which lasted 6 years. From Suzie Yeung to Jonah Scott, the show will feature voices from famous industry names.

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