It is a very common story that businesses spend a lot of time and money to create their Instagram account in high hopes of marketing their wonderful products to the 600 million Instagram users with ease. However, after a month or so, the marketer gets disappointed by seeing that there are only a few likes for the 10+ images you have posted out there, and there is nothing discernible turning up to contribute towards your business success.

Now, long gone are those days where you had to post an image on Instagram to help build your business and get more customer followers. About 90% of modern Instagram users tend to follow a brand on Instagram with keen scrutiny as there are millions of brands out there fighting to grab the attention of potential customers. So you must ensure that you attract their attention and generate engagement with your brand. 

So, to enjoy the most out of Instagram for business, you now need to attract a larger number of followers to effectively engage with your content and thereby drive in more traffic to your portal. Increasing your Instagram presence and customer reach is the key. In this guide, we will discuss ways to unlock these keys to Instagram success. Some of these may be more effective in your specific business use cases, which you need to identify at your discretion. Let us explore.

Tips to get more Instagram likes

  1. Always use high-quality photos

Instagram is a visual platform. More than the meaning text you use looks matter the most on Instagram. People tend to judge your brand quality based on the images you post even before getting to know about the content or products. Every Instagram user expectshigh-caliber contentfrom reliable brands. Even if you are a small business or start-up, you need to put forward your best when sharing photos or content on Instagram. The first and second impressions on this platform are always made based on the quality of images.

The better your image is, the greater the likes, comments, shares, and engagement you are supposed to get. Doing this effectively will put you a step closer to getting more followers. There are many apps available for photo editing, which can help you revitalize your images without spending thousands of dollars making Instagram posts. Only make sure that your photograph is clicked with great lighting and adequate pixilation to edit it. Even without a pricey DSLR,  you can click your snap with a quality smartphone like iPhone or Galaxy to get some great-looking shots for this purpose. 

  1. Leverage the benefits of IGTV content

Recent research revealed the fact that Instagram users tend to spend about 53 minutes daily consuming Instagram content. You can see that IGTV videos are about four times larger than normal photos, which is a great way to get your content easily discovered by your followers. IGTV also acts like your YouTube channel, which allows the marketers to entertain, repurpose, entertain, and educate the followers on your products and services. Video content is also ideal for getting more Instagram likes and followers than images and text.

To build your IGTV channel, you may first download the app and log in with your Instagram account credentials. Once the app syncs with the account, you can instantly start uploading your videos or watch and share IGTV videos. The beginners may use some detailed guides out there to understand how to make the most of IGTV content.

  1. Social Commerce to shop on Instagram

Back in May 2019, Instagram announced its new feature of allowing brands to sell directly on Instagram. With this, you can display your products, and the customers can learn more about your product without going out of Instagram. For marketers, this is a very promising tool that will allow you to share your best seller and gain a considerable amount of sales on the way. With the shop feature, people can also easily experience easy shopping by avoiding the chore of switching over to different platforms for buying.

You may explore Shopping on Instagram and learn about how to master the shoppable features on it. There are many amazing add-ons to this feature lately, which will make your task easier to reach potential buyers and sell right away.

  1. Create of Instagram guides

Instagram Guides were launched in 2020, which is meant to create guides or resources to make it easier for the followers to discover products and recommendations. This will include influencers, products, brands, and public figures to publish on Instagram and reach more audiences effectively. Adding to a group and gathering more Instagram content, usage of Instagram Guides will also let you bring in more content from other accounts. As it is a comparatively new feature, we can expect Instagram to add-on more tabs into it as it gains in popularity.

  1. Create IGTV Ads

You have a scope to get more followed and likes on Instagram on linking your ads to IGTV. Instagram now lets marketers monetize IGTV videos to drive in more traffic to your website and boost the followers. IGTV Ads are in the testing phase from 2020, and the emerging creators can now see more benefits in terms of monetizing IGTV by testing various accounts as this feature is fully rolled. This is necessary to set the user experience right, and as of now, Instagram is planning to expand the IGTV Ad feature to make it more comprehensive and user-friendly. Maximizing your FB and Instagram ads will work for you as all-in-one marketing tools to help boost your presence and returns.

Along with these, you may also try out methods like creating more engaging Instagram Stories, utilize the feature of Instagram Highlights, create Instagram Reels by adding trending hashtags, etc., to gain more likes and shares. Most importantly, it is essential to track your Instagram activities and assess the success level of various Instagram promotional strategies to fine-tune and restructure your Instagram marketing plans.