Welcome people, here we introduce a very beneficial tool that is a combining tool. This tool is very popular in the United States. This connecting tool combines the connection to the unemployment line on behalf. So it saves time by calling your name.

This is not a free service, each ringing has a special fee. But this is a very secure telephone tool; Nobody can steal their data by exchanging conversations. To learn more about this product, we’ve review review Claimyr and its functions.

What is Claimyr?

According to American people, it was not easy to connect the Department of Employment Development (EDD) to employment benefits and seek a technological solution to overcome this problem.

To overcome this problem, Thomas Maxon has developed a “Bot” program to call EDD; In January, he launched this program Claimyr.

How it’s working?

This tool calls EDD on your behalf, so you can save time to re-call and again. Uses Twilio, a versatile tool for making calls. However Claimyr reviews claims that this is an expensive tool.

They charge each time; They try to work on a zero cost. In addition, this tool claims that the caller will directly connect to the EDD customer service representative on the phone.

Is it legal or fraud?

Here’s taking into account that some clients are investigated to know that he is legal or not. According to research, this is a registered company, and the company’s office is located in San Francisco. For contact, give an e-mail address.

Meanwhile, here are some of the customers’ opinions to Claimyr Reviews shows something else. This is a very expensive service. Edd claims that this tool creates an artificial call back that creates inconvenience for the caller to make a call. The callers claimed that connections are often suspended or are not called, and the company counts on the call fees.

Another caller claimed that their establishment was not even suspended, and the company deducted the payment fees. From here, the tool sees suspects.

What does the customer says in Claimyr Reviews?

After the study, one client says he did not find this type of technology that saves my time. Here are negative and positive reviews available on the basis of customer experience.

Another says that its excellent service and no way is worth $ 20 if you got a call directly to the EDD customer service representative. So much recommended this service.

Some SYS interlocutors are never connected and blocked by groups because negative feedback is not greeted.


After considering all points, we can say that this is not an excellent tool. Saves time, but creates a call movement. This is a very expensive tool. Its references are both negative and positive. Each customer has his own experience with this telephone tool. If you want to use this tool, recognize and check Claimyr to learn more. Are you a user of this calling tool? Share if you like your services. If you have cheated using this telephone tool, read here to get to know the details.