Do you fancy online fashionable apparel at affordable rates? Seagirly provides the ideal opportunity as it offers fashionable trends easily accessible at reasonable prices for women of all ages. There is a large selection of clothing and the items look excellent anywhere whether it is office, or lunch with friends or going on a trip.

People of the United States are really curious to learn all about Seagirly Reviews as well as the website’s credibility. To learn more about this website, continue reading.

What is Seagirly?

Seagirly is an online store that sells fashionable clothes at affordable prices for women of all age groups. The following are a list of items you can choose from:

•           Dresses

•           Tops

•           Bottoms

•           Jumpsuits

•           Others

Seagirly provides all styles of women with fun flattering clothing while also inspiring them with fashion ideas. Moreover, you can check their new arrivals by visiting their site. But the question is that Is Seagirly Legit or a scam? Let us check its credibility.

What are the specifications of Seagirly?

•           The website link is

•           The registration date of the website is 30-12-2020.

•           Shipping details are mentioned on the website itself.

•           The email address mentioned on the website is [email protected].

•           The website is owned and operated by MIAOMIAO LTD as claimed.

•           The company number as given on the website is 13774848771 and the address mentioned is East Hillcrest Scottsdale Arizona, UNITED STATES.

•           After your order reaches your country it takes an additional 5-7 days to arrive at your doorstep.

•           Seagirly Reviews are mentioned on the website.

•           The return and refund policy is mentioned on the website.

•           They have a thorough 30 day return policy.

•           This website is active on facebook and instagram but has no popularity.

•           The only mode of payment is through PayPal. If you have any payment based issues with PayPal

•           There are no reviews anywhere on other sites or social media platforms

What are the pros of Seagirly?

•           The website is secured by HTTPS protocol.

•           The email address is mentioned on the website.

•           The website owning company name is mentioned on the website itself along with the company number and address.

•           The Seagirly Reviews of products are there on the website itself.

What are the cons of Seagirly?

•           The website domain age is less than 6 months and hence too young and hence untrustworthy.

•           The trust rank is very poor with a trust score of 2% out of 100 which is an alarming sign.

•           There is no accurate refund time mentioned on website.

•           No popularity on social media.

•           The about us section of the website is completely plagiarized.

•           There are no reviews anywhere on social media or other websites.

•           There is no contact or helpline number mentioned on the website.

Is Seagirly Legit?

•           Domain age: this website was registered on 30-12-2020 which is less than 6 months hence, it cannot be trusted.

•           Trust rank: the trust rank is extremely low with a score of 2% out of 100.

•           Quality and content: the quality and content of the website is very poor and the about us section is completely plagiarized with missing details like no accurate refund timing after a return.

•           Social media influence: though the website is present on facebook and instagram it is unpopular.

•           Website content quality- It is also not well specified as some of it’s content is taken from other well-known online shopping platforms.

•           Customer Reviews: consumer reviews are mentioned on the website but we couldn’t collect any reviews from any of the authentic websites like trust pilot or any social media platforms.

Seagirly Review

We have done thorough investigation on several authentic search engines and social media sites to find consumer reviews but there are no reviews on any of those sites. There are no reviews on any social media sites.If you have been the victim of a fraud with credit/debit card.

Final Verdict

Ultimately about Seagirly Reviews it would be fitting to say that this website appears to be too young and hence duplicitous. Moreover it has a very poor trust score and no social media popularity which calls for suspicion.

Hence, I will advice my viewers to do their own part of research and wait for authentic customer reviews before proceeding to purchase from the website.

Have you made any purchases from Seagirly? Then, let us know in the comment section below.