Introduce Carter Reum, highlighting his status as an American author, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Mention his net worth of $45 million and his marriage to Paris Hilton. Briefly touch upon his most notable achievements, such as founding VEEV Spirits and writing “Shortcut Your Startup”.

1. Who is Carter Reum?

In this section, delve into Reum’s early life and background. Discuss his birth on February 5, 1981, in the USA, and his upbringing in a business-oriented family. Mention his father, Robert Reum, and the influence of his family’s business success on Carter’s career. Discuss his education at Columbia College of Columbia University, and how his academic background laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey.

2. What Are Carter Reum’s Major Business Ventures?

Focus on Reum’s major business undertakings. Begin with the founding of VEEV Spirits in 2007, describing the unique aspects of this açaí fruit liquor production company. Highlight how this venture set him apart in the industry. Move on to his time as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York and the subsequent sale of VEEV’s majority stakes to Luxco in 2016. Also, discuss the establishment of M13, a venture capital firm, and its investments in high-profile companies like Lyft, FanDuel, and Slack.

3. How Has Carter Reum Contributed to Literature and Media?

Elaborate on Reum’s contributions outside the business sphere, particularly his book “Shortcut Your Startup” and his appearances in media. Discuss the impact of his book on aspiring entrepreneurs and the insights it offers. Additionally, mention his guest appearances on various TV shows and networks and his contributions as a writer to the Huffington Post and Inc. magazine.


Summarize Carter Reum’s career, emphasizing his diverse achievements in business, literature, and media. Highlight his current status, including his net worth and personal life, especially his relationship with Paris Hilton. Conclude by reiterating the significance of his journey from an entrepreneur in Sydney to a respected venture capitalist and author.