Every parent wishes to put the best pieces in their toddler’s wardrobe. The moment parents get the news that they are expecting, preparations get underway. There will be a number of expenses happening so you want to make sure that the baby garments are not too pricey but at the same time of good quality, so that the baby remains comfortable in the outfit. Similarly, you want to make sure that every baby girl dresses are trendy and stylish. 

While shopping for baby garments, there are plenty of brands and styles in the market. It can often become quite difficult to make the final selection. To make things easier for you, we have rounded up 6 most important factors that new parents must consider when purchasing baby attire. We hope you will be able to make a well informed decision. 

Choosing the right fabric

Parents are excited about starting this new journey and you want to dress your little one in the cutest outfit. Watching all the social media posts, you take inspiration from all the bright and funky baby boy dresses. As much as cute they may appear, if the child isn’t comfortable wearing them, there is no point in spending all the money purchasing expensive dresses online. Ideally you are looking for soft fabric which can absorb moisture. Many cases have appeared where babies got rashes and even skin irritations. That can leave the child in a very distressful state. So ensure that the baby garments are ideally made from cotton. Some specific fabrics to look out for are soy-based fabrics that are a perfect fit for baby outfits. Nylon and polyester are very uncomfortable fabrics that must be avoided when buying baby frocks or baby boy dresses.


As much as you want to save money, choosing baby frocks that are priced at very low cost may seem quite tempting but usually the clothes are of very inferior quality. Toddlers and infants tend to have sensitive skin so the chosen fabric must be easy to wear for long durations. If you are set on a certain budget, avoid purchasing fancy clothes. Limit the number of baby frocks for newborns. Your bundle of joy will outgrow them so it will hardly be worn. If you wish to reuse the clothes for let’s say your second baby, choose neutral colors. This way if the first child is a girl and the second is a boy, you can reuse those clothes. 

Safety Comes First

When buying outfitter kids clothing, safety should remain a priority no matter how fashionable the attire is. Parents these days are very busy doing 9 to 5 job and sometimes two jobs to meet a good family lifestyle. It is quite normal to become neglectful. Well, nothing to feel guilty over. We are here to remind you what those essential factors are that you as a new parent must keep in mind. When we speak of safety, you may think what can possible be so dangerous about baby girl dresses. Mostly these are adorned with bows, flowers and hooks. These are most likely to cause choking in newborns. If the article has any decoration on it, ensure it is properly fixed. Likewise, waistbands and drawstrings can cause concerns so better to avoid them. 


When browsing baby boy dresses in Pakistan, ask for assistance so you can find the right size. It can be tricky to find the exact size. If you end up buying clothes that are too tight then it will only leave your kid in uncomfortable state so pick something which is slightly loose. This is to ensure that the child can easily move. Babies at this stage are constantly moving around and growing quickly. All baby girl dresses must consider growth rate when buying baby clothes. 

You can check online to confirm the size of baby frocks. There are measurements given and a size chart. This is something which is applicable on all. However, you may also want to consider the child’s weight and height when making the final decision. 

Functionality & Style

When buying new baby dress, always take into account how practical they are. Newborns spend most of their time sleeping so select an outfit with comfort in mind. Body suits, onesies and even a gown are the most ideal choices. You should look for baby dress design that is easy to wear and take off. As a parent, you will be in much ease that way. 

Secondly, quality fabrics are those that are machine washable and the fabric will not wear out after a few washes. It is quite common to change clothes multiple times in a day after a feed or changing diaper. Some baby boy dresses come with special instructions such as only dry clean. This is a big no, no! Similarly, knits and wool will require special laundry, it will be better to choose fleece instead. 


Some of the baby girl frock design is suitable for summer time only. You can also get loose fabric of your choice and stitch outfits as per your liking. This will save you some extra money but you will get exactly what you are looking for. This will also be a great way to pass time for stay home moms. Plus, if you enjoy sewing you can always create anything. 


We hope after reading through these tips, you will be in a better position to select winter collection for kids online. Dressing younglings isn’t easy and requires some research. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry yourself sick. It is the most exciting time of a parent’s lives so make most of it and enjoy it! Make sure to also visit leyjao.pk which holds a wide selection of trendy baby garments for all seasons at all price points. We wish all our readers a start of a beautiful journey as new parents. Hope it brings much happiness and joy as the heart desires.