Provide training via Zoom

Your offline training has been canceled and you have a training that cannot be given as online training with Learn Dash. You can also get started with Zoom with this. How do you go about this?

You start a meeting and send your participants the link for the meeting. Tips for appearing professional:

  • Provide a neat background. Do you have a banner for your company? Let these come into the picture behind you. It is better to use Virtual Office as a background.
  • Set up rules in advance, just like with the webinar to prevent you as a host from losing an overview. How do you normally do this in your training sessions? There too it is normal that your customers do not talk together, right? This is exactly the same online.
  • Make sure you have everything you need open. Do you have a Powerpoint or other presentation? Open this already so that you can share your screen with all people in your training. It is very unprofessional if you first have to search your entire computer to find a workout. Open everything you need and you can immediately choose which image you want to show at screen sharing.

Share screen in Zoom

This is a very nice position for us as web designers. This way we can quickly show our customers what we mean and we can even take over control of their computer if necessary.

If you are in a meeting you have a number of buttons at the bottom. One of these is Share. If you click on this you will see a whole battery of options. What do you want to share? ?But do not forget to choose a professional Zoom background.

Basic screen sharing in Zoom

  • Sharing your screen: All meeting participants see your screen. For example, we use this in our team meetings to clarify what we mean to each other. You look at the same screen with all participants. You can select all open tabs that the host has currently opened. Naturally, the host chooses which screen is shared.
  • Sharing a whiteboard: Do you love to draw to clarify what you mean? This could be during a meeting, webinar, or training on a whiteboard that you physically have. The disadvantage of this is that it cannot be legible for everyone or that it cannot be saved. That is why you can use the Whiteboard option when you clicked on share. This allows all participants to see your whiteboard on which you can make notes.
  • Sharing a document. Do you have a PowerPoint document or a PDF that you want to show to all participants? Under Share, go to Advanced and browse to the file youwant to share. You can also link directly to Dropbox or OneDrive. Make sure you have authorized this link in advance.

Share files from online sources with ZOOM

It is not only possible for the host to share a screen. The host can also allow participants to share their screen; this must be allowed separately by the host.

If you are viewing a screen of, for example, a customer in a 1-on-1 session, you can send a request control request via the settings that appear at the top. This will send your customer a request to allow you to take over control of the computer.

A handy feature that you can use when sharing a screen is the option to make notes on the screen. This can be an arrow, a circle, or a text. You choose to Annotate in the options at the top of the screen and you will see a list of options. Keep in mind that sharing screens and also taking over control can be a significant drain on the internet connection. We have already experienced several times that a customer’s computer crashed completely when he tried to share his screen with us. Therefore only use this function when necessary and switch it off again afterward.