Have you ever gotten the idea of the significance of a virtual meeting which fired over 100 workers? If not, please read this article to get more details.

In this epidemic that we are all suffering from, we have to maintain social distance. It has affected companies and students the most as, in this particular field communication is a major aspect. We have therefore decided to use virtual or online meetings to ensure a productive dialogue.

So, people from Canada and in the United States, Ireland, India as well as India, and the United Kingdom have chosen Zoom meetings. Recently, however the Zoom Call was terminated by more than 900 employees. So, let us debate over it.

What is Zoom call?

It’s a video-conferencing medium that lets you join with other users via audio or video, or both. Furthermore you can save the video sessions for later viewing. Additionally, up to 1000 participants can attend the sessions, with approximately 49 videos on screen.

Additionally, it gained huge popularity in 2020 when it became an extremely well-known video conferencing applications. Before we get into the details as to the reasons and methods used by Zoom Call was able to fire the 900 employees we will learn deeper into the person who was conducting the call.

Understanding Vishal Garg

Garg is an American-Indian businessman with a large mortgage company called Better.com. In addition, he’s 43 years old, and was born in New York City.

In addition to Better.com He also co-founded MyRichUncle in 2000 an online lender for students.

What exactly is Better.com?

It is a company for digital homeownership created by Garg. This platform allows the customers to have a smooth home-buying process.

The website’s services include title, real estate mortgage, homeowners and mortgage insurance.

How did is a Zoom call terminated 900 employees ?

On Wednesday last week, Vishal Garg conducted a Zoom conference in which he revealed the dismissal of employees. At first, he informed the staff that the decision wasn’t positive and it was difficult to communicate.

In addition, he said that he committed the catastrophe for the second time in his career and is a major blow to him. In addition, he said those who were on the phone call and listening to the statement were fired.

What was the reason Garg Fire the Workers?

Following it was announced that Zoom Call fired the 900 employees the CEO of the company gave a few reasons why he decided to. In addition, he criticized the company’s performance, productivity and market changes.

According to some sources, because of their coworkers and their conduct, he stopped them. In addition, he said they worked only two hours per day, which led to massive losses for the firm.

It’s the Closing Thoughts

In this article in this article, we’ve revealed the mortgage company’s CEO and found clues about the way in which Zoom Call fired the company’s 900 employees. We also have saved some key facts from his life, such as his age, hometown and so on. Additionally, he dismissed more than 900 employees in the course of a Zoom call, declaring that the market had changed.