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About Zitekla-SA:

Zitekla-SA, also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonno. She was a writer of Yankton Dakota and the editor, political activist, translator, musician; She was born on February 22, 1876.

She wrote a few works, as she fought with her cultural identity. Because of her works they were influential activists of Americans. Some of her works are Opera Sun Dance, old Indian legends, stories of American Indian etc. All this took place around the 20th century.

When working with William F. Hanson American Musician, she wrote songs on Sun Dance, the first Indian Opera and Libretto. In 1926, she was a co-founder of the National Council of Americans Indian. The Zitekla-SA century contributed to the native Indians and their rights and its own culture and heritage. He also has his contributions to literary work


• She collaborated the first American Indian Opera.

• She was a member of the founder of the National Council of Americans Indian.

• published a collection of American cultures as well as autobiographical narratives.

• also published political work.

• She was a political activist.

• She was known as one of the most influential activists of the 20th century.


Zitekla-SA reversed the struggle that he presents in her childhood in works of work. He allowed the world to look through her difficulties and the difficulty that every other person had to go during the preservation of culture and heritage. Based on her experience in a white school, she wrote a book named School Days of Indian girl.

In this book, we can see how they had to comply with the dominant nature of white culture. The Zitkla-SA century wrote a lot of literature about its emotional attachment to the opposition of India India. I took a stabbing in religion, they hung in her short stories.

Her writings showed the dominant principles of the White Government, as religion was indored to them, and as the school treated it as a non-state foreign person.

Final verdict

Zitekla-SA was a great writer and a great activist and influence that stood with white rule and made it best to maintain their culture and heritage. Thanks to several stories, books caused dishonest justice of all white people. As they were deprived of justice and how they were treated as from outside. All her magazines are its real experiences in the form of words.

He wrote about not only her experiences, but also the experience of other people. As they were treated at school and, as the white principle and Christianity imposed on them.

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