The season of Christmas is upon us and it’s time to shop for winter however, if you’re uncertain about whether to shop at the Zipy Hoodie or not, do not worry as we’ll aid you to make the right choice. In addition, the website has received numerous requests from United States shoppers.

If you’re also having questions regarding this store check out these Zipy Hoodie Review.

What is Zipy Hoodie?

Zipy Hoodie is a newly established marketplace that is trading all over the world as well as popular areas such as in the United States. Additionally, the site offers an extensive selection of fashionable zip-ups, blankets, hoodies shorts, t-shirts and more. Many patterns and designs accessible on the website and the customers are able to customize the items according to their own preferences.

Also, if you’re looking for a birthday present look for Zipy Hoodie store’s birth month hoodies category.

We aren’t impressed with the site or its products, but because of this we suggest that people go through the Is Zipy Hoodie Legit heading to gain a more understanding.

What exactly are characteristics that are included in Zipy Hoodie?

  • Website homepage link-
  • Products- hoodies, t-shirt, blanket, etc.
  • Support service mail ID: [email protected]
  • Company location- no information available
  • Phone number 1-(561)-437-4324
  • Payment Options- American Express, DISCOVER, Diners Club, MasterCard, JCB, VISA, and PayPal
  • Return and exchange policywithin 30 days
  • The policy on refunds – time frame is not accessible
  • Estimated shipping policy-7-10 business days
  • Estimated shipping fee- $8.59
  • Social media connectionsare provided
  • Newsletters- located

Indeed, the site has an exclusive selection of hoodies and t-shirts . If, therefore should you decide to purchase items from this website then you should go through the Zipy Hoodie reviews..

What’s the advantages of purchasing via Zipy Hoodie?

  • The site is HTTPS secured.
  • It’s selling an exclusive collection of hoodies with affordable costs.
  • Customers can also have the products that are customized to meet their requirements.
  • It is a five-star rating under its products.

What’s the pros and cons of buying through Zipy Hoodie?

  • The website has mentioned inaccurate social media page URLs.
  • We have received negative feedback on the internet.
  • The website does not have the complete contact information available on it.

Is Zipy Hoodie Legit?

We’ve compiled a list of truthful information about this site to prove its legitimacy. Today, internet frauds are growing each day, therefore it is advised to read through all potential parameters prior to entering the card information on any site.

Here are some checkpoints to help you with your research.

  • Social media connections – Unfortunately the website does not have any social media accounts. Share links are the only ones available. This is why it’s an red signal.
  • Reviews from customers- on the official site there are only good consumer ratings however there isn’t a single Zipy Hoodie reviews found.
  • Domain expiration date – the domain name for the online store expires on 06/11/2022.
  • Domain name verification date: the domain name for the website is registered on the 06/11/2020. Thus, the domain name was registered one year ago.
  • Alexa rank: As per the study, the site’s Alexa rank is 1778114.
  • trust rank- The smart software has identified the trust ranking as low which is 50.9/100.
  • Trust index – The e-store’s trust index is at 45 percent.
  • Quality of content- The portal contains detailed descriptions of its offerings, however the information published doesn’t look original.
  • Originality of address: The address of the company office is inaccessible.
  • Savings offers for moneyAs of right now there aren’t any deals that are available.

What is the consumers’ Zipy Hoodie Reviews?

Based on our research we discovered that the official site has only five-star ratings on it. In addition, there are no comments from shoppers posted on the site.

However, when we look at the external links we have discovered negative reviews where customers claimed they didn’t receive their purchase even after having made a full payment. Therefore, the site appears somewhat suspicious to us.

The Final Verdict

We decided that this online marketplace is a highly suspect website, based on the reviews of review of shoppers’ Zipy Hoodie Reviews.

In our opinion this site is a red flag considering the negative reviews and we advise against shopping on the site. Customers who are considering buying from this site are advised to verify everything at their point of departure.