Do you love boutique items? Do you want to know how to find it at a fair price? Let’s find out the truth about a website so you can make informed online purchases.

People are beginning to like the boutique industry and have started to use it to implement fashion. A United States report stated that boutiques are a good choice for people who love vintage or retro styles. This will give you a comprehensive overview of a website that sells women’s fashion products.

Let’s now examine the validity of the Zigzagstripe Review portal.

Elaborating the Portal

This website offers great boutique products. Leslie Hall and other friends started the fashion evolution in 2013 with the aim of improving women’s looks through their great products. Let’s take a look at some of the items available on

  • Hoodies
  • Jeggings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Skirts
  • Earrings
  • Blazers
  • Tops
  • Cardigans

Some of The Site’s Pointers

  • The site’s URL is
  • The delivery policy is not available, so we ask: Is Zigzagstripe Legit?”
  • The website’s enrollment date is 11/03/2017. This means that it is currently 4 years, 10 mois and 17 days old.
  • Boutique products and accessories can be purchased.
  • The email address is [email protected].
  • We have located their address at 8001 Valcasi Drive Ste 101 Arlington TX 76001.
  • You can text them at 833-558-8766, You can also call them at 682 587-4241
  • PayPal, VISA, and others are all payment options.
  • You can return the product within 30 days after receiving it.
  • Refunds will be made only if the credit is in store.
  • The Zigzagstripe Review states that you can buy an item individually after returning the item.
  • Shipping time for parcels is approximately 1-3 business days.
  • It is easy to identify the icons of social media networks.
  • You can sign up for the newsletter.

Why is the Portal so reliable?

  • Email and the office addresses are provided.
  • You can find the icons of social networks here.
  • You can also get free shipping
  • You can reach us at the phone number.

Negative Pointers for The Website

  • Trustpilot and the website do not have enough reviews.
  • It is evident that the delivery policy has been abandoned.
  • You can achieve a trust score of 50%

Is Zigzagstripe Legit?

  • Trust Score- The value is satisfactory at 50%
  • Domain Age- The website was registered on 11/03/2017. It is therefore 4 years, 10 and 17 months old.
  • Customer reviews – The Trustpilot and user reactions have not been a success. The website’s product has been loved by most users on the Internet. On Instagram and Facebook, users expressed appreciation for the product but didn’t respond to questions about their quality. On some trusted portals, however, there is a buyer review where the user left positive feedback.
  • Domain Expiry Day- The portal will be suspended on 11/03/2022.
  • Policies- The investigation into Zigzagstripe Review has revealed that all policy traces were present but the delivery policy information was not.
  • A discount is offered- There’s a free shipping option.
  • Address Originality- This warehouse is located at the address.
  • Alexa Ranking-632,401 refers to the Alexa rank value that the website has collected.
  • Social Media Icons and Connections- We have noticed that social icons exist. The links to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites are also legitimate.
  • Information for the Owner –Leslie Hall, CEO of the company.

Buyers’ Reviews

After investigating Trustpilot and the portal, we haven’t come across any real feedback.

However, Zigzagstripe Review were present on a portal. Most of them were discussing the product’s design, and started praising them. Some users also appreciated the ZigZag Stripe’s application. A user commented that the materials were well made and should be in the wardrobe. A buyer, however, raised concerns on the website.

Next, users on Instagram and Facebook have only applauded products but have not commented on their quality. According to reviews, the website appears real.


Leslie Hall has written a post about Zigzagstripe Review. The website also has more positive feedback than flaws.