This is a woman-centric online store that seems to be the perfect answer to beauty, health, bag accessories, and kitchen utensils.

Although the website is very up to date and such a platform has proved to be a high risk at times as the certainty of buying and executing trades is quite sensitive. Another major problem among online shoppers in the United States is the lack of visibility of the Zaraplace com reviews.

What is this Zaraplace portal?

Hailing from the UK, this is an online store that has accessories and useful products for household and kitchen items as well as health and beauty with other accessories. Women are the main target group here. You can take advantage of an additional discount along with free shipping by ordering more than one item. The website is new, but its approach is impressive. Correspondence should be provided with the correct contact address of the company. Now the main concern is- Is Zaraplace com legal or not.


• Link to the website:

• Portal type: Based in the UK, it offers accessories for women, ranging from beauty products, health products and household items to kitchenware.

• Address: Given. Company – XBP International Ltd. 6 Whittington Road, London, England, N22 8YD

• E-mail address:

• Contact number: +44 748 287 5871

• Order cancellation: The customer can cancel the order after 24 hours from the time of ordering.

• Shipping Policy: Processing time is 3-4 days and shipping time is 12-20 days.

• Shipping Cost: Free shipping within 12-20 days after processing.

• Refund: After investigating Is Zaraplace com Legit found a 14 day return policy.

• Exchange: within 14 days is allowed.

• Refund: Provided. Within 14 days of submitting the application.

• Payment modes: Payment accepted by PayPal, credit cards.

• Domain age: 1 month and 21 days

Advantages of ordering at

• Company details and numbers are provided for reference.

• Orders can be canceled within 24 hours of selecting items from this website.

• Attractive and lucrative offers when placing an order from this website.

Disadvantages of checking

• Missing area is Zaraplace com reviews from any buyer or customer.

• The refund time is very limited to just 24 hours from the time of purchase.

• Nobody has viewed this site anywhere on the Internet.

• The website has been in existence for less than a year.

• Except for a large variety of offers, this website does not contain any customer reviews.

• The primary goal seems to be to gain popularity in the United States for discounts and offers.

Is Zaraplace a trustworthy website?

The following facts will help you make the right decision –

• Missing information: No domain owner information and Zaraplace com reviews.

• Brand creation date: start 0 years 1 month 21 days

• Registration Name: This website is registered as Zaraplace London

• Social media existence: has Facebook as well as a blog in its name.

• Authenticity of address: office address and contact details are available.

• Owner information: not listed.

• Reviews: We found 0 reviews.

• Plagiarism content: The content is 100% plagiarized.

• Confidence rate: It’s pathetic, only 1%.

• Brand popularity: unknown UK brand.

As we have seen, there are many vulnerabilities on this site; therefore we may conclude that this site is not secure for commercial purposes. Moreover, it looks like a suspicious website.

What are the Zaraplace com Buyer Reviews?

The reviews certainly reflect the results. If you are looking for a review and want to answer a question likeis Zaraplace com authentic based on a customer review, you will definitely be disappointed. As the website is very new, it is not possible to locate customer reviews.

Final words:

There is no doubt that as a customer you will definitely be interested in this website, but our conclusion is that if any website that is just a month old and has no customer reviews, be careful.

The existence of the website certainly plays an important role and without a trace of Zaraplace com reviews, do you feel comfortable buying the product from the newly established website?

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