Do you enjoy shopping for various items in the bulk? If so, then you’ll discover a variety of websites offering cheap discounts. Zadeel UK is one such site that we will be going through today to provide you with a better review.

The site is located within the United Kingdom and offers users substantial discounts on more than 100 items. To help you understand the website, we’ve looked at a few Zadeel Uk Reviews to analyze it in various aspects. Read our review now and start saving money by 2022.

What’s Zadeel UK?

In the moment it appears that the Zadeel website has blocked access to any user who visits its website. However, reviews of the store indicate that it’s more reliable than the website of Poundland. Zadeel offers a variety of products, including bags for women and men with very affordable prices.

Specifications for Zadeel UK:

  • URL:
  • Domain Created Date 12th November 2016
  • Domain Expiry Date 12th November 2022
  • Email Address:
  • The address of the company is Birmingham B14 UK
  • Phone Number: Unable to locate
  • Shipping Period: Cannot locate to verify is Zadeel Uk Legitor not.
  • Shipping Cost: Cannot locate
  • Refund: Couldn’t find
  • Return: Couldn’t find
  • Order Cancellation: Unable to locate
  • Exchange: Couldn’t find
  • Replacement: Couldn’t find
  • Customer Satisfaction: We were unable to locate
  • The processing time for orders is: We were unable to locate
  • Payment Modes: Couldn’t locate
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook, Instagram

Get to know the pros and cons of Zadeel Uk Store:

  • Famous in the UK
  • The list of prices for the product is significantly lower
  • Positive feedback from past purchasers

Be aware of the negatives of this shop by reading Zadeel Uk reviews :

  • The website isn’t currently accessible.
  • Shipping costs vary on orders.
  • Images of the product are not accurate according to Zadeel Reviews

Do you be sure of Zadeel UK shop?

We know that Zadeel is a business within the UK. Additional details regarding the store aren’t available due to the lack from the site’s official page.

  • Address Validity: Zadeel UK website’s address authenticity is at Midlands, United Kingdom.
  • Trust Index: Since the website was launched in the year 2016, it has earned an 86% confidence score using its business and products.
  • Reviews Official website filled with positive and mixed Zadeel Uk reviews. To read more authentic reviews, check out websites from third parties such as TrustPilot, ScamDoc, etc.
  • Site Age: The site was founded on the 12th of November, 2016 and is more than two years old.
  • Plagiarism: As the website has blocked access, we haven’t been able to locate any instances of plagiarism within the company’s information or the website’s content. However, some reviews from customers claim that images on the products are not original and may be misleading.
  • Community Channel: It’s an official Facebook page where you can get the most recent deals and authentic feedback from YouTubers regarding Zadeel’s haul.
  • The missing information: Since the Zadeel website isn’t working at the time of this writing, 11/01/2022. We haven’t been able to locate a legitimate corporate address, telephone number, or email address.
  • Does Zadeel Uk Legit Although the official website isn’t available however, it is known that the Zadeel shop has been praised with a lot of positive reviews from customers who have purchased from it. The store is rated with received a 3.8 stars rating, out of 5 , which indicates that it is a fairly trustworthy factor.
  • Pay Methods: Unfortunately, we were unable to not find payment methods since the official website blocked us from access time and time again.
  • Broken Link: Unfortunately, the official site is in itself an unresponsive link, restricting our ability to read and analyze the company.
  • Customer Reviews: A lot of reviews are available on the official site as well as on Facebook, TrustPilot, and other websites.

It is recommended to look over the products and services of the store’ Zadeel Uk Reviews online before you evaluate any website. We used the same method to determine the legitimacy for Zadeel UK. Zadeel UK store. While the official website has blocked access for users however, it has received a lot of positive and mixed reviews from buyers.

Reviews from customers

Some customers have reported their experience with Zadel UK. Zadeel UK delivered their ordered products in a bulk package on time as promised. Numerous YouTubers have published Zadeel’s reviews to raise attention to the buyers.


A look at the Zadeel Uk Reviews on TrustPilot indicates it is a Zadeel store offers massive discounts on more than 100 products. The website has earned scores of 86% in the trust score and a 3.8 stars in 2016.