Youtube Streaming Guide Live streaming on Youtube is an excellent method to make money from your gaming passion. Millions of viewers watch live stream of games on YouTube every day and the increase is continuing to grow. Today , we will explain ways to use YouTube as a live game streaming, and make an income as well.

On YouTube, your Google profile picture is used as the default profile picture of your channel. Make sure to alter the picture after you’ve finalized the picture for your channel. Concerning the size of the image, it’s similar to the profile picture on Twitch dimensions.

Here is a Guide:

  • The first stepIf you’ve opened an account on YouTube for the first time, by default, the live streaming feature is removed for you. To remove this limitation, you’ll have confirm your YouTube account using an OTP on your mobile phone method. After that, you will need to enable live streaming through the channel’s feature page. After that, you must wait for at least 24 hours, and if everything is fine, Youtube will be able to approve your account to live stream.
  • Second StepNow you have your account approved for live streaming on YouTube, you need to know the four methods by which you can begin live streaming. Those are 1. Web Browser, mobile device, software encoder, hardware encoder. The two choices above are all free for anyone to use , but to use encoders, you’ll need to sign an agreement with third-party providers which could or may not be for free. Be aware that to stream live streaming via your mobile device, you’ll have to be able to get at least 50 users to be able to do this. The bitrate for video used for mobile-based live streaming is lower that other options, therefore keep in mind this when planning.
  • Third Step At this point, you should be aware of what requirements you have to complete before you can start a live stream channel. You must now decide the equipment and software you will utilize to stream live. Here’s more information about these tools:
  • Web browser:This is the one of the popular methods for live streaming on Youtube. It is possible to utilize a webcam to get better performance in your live streams because people are more likely to view the streams. If you are concerned that your computer’s built-in camera is not up to scratch, make use of a camcorder or DSLR. You can purchase an USB capture card that can capture the video signal from your camcorder or DSLR and YouTube can recognize the external device.

Once you have set up the camera, up your camera, sign into your YouTube account. select the Create an image icon, and then choose ‘Go Live. This is it and you are now able to create a live stream in advance or begin it immediately. Youtube will automatically generate the video of your live stream to use for future use.

  • Mobile Devices: Once you have attained 50 subscribers to your YouTube channel, you are able to start live streaming from your mobile device However, keep in mind that Youtube will limit the number of viewers that can view your stream unless you have at minimum 1000 subscribers. To begin live streaming, launch the Youtube app and then click the plus button in the middle of the menu near the bottom. You will then be able to accept all permissions the app requires and you’re done! You’re now live streaming. By default, the video of live streaming by mobile phones will remain private.
  • Streaming Software EncodersThere are numerous streaming software encoders. Some are free while others are paid. A renowned streaming softwares are Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) however you can also make use of other software as well. Utilize a high quality camera that you can connect to your computer via the capture card. Install your preferred streaming encoder, and then enter the URL of your YouTube channel to determine where to stream your live streaming. Additionally, the stream’s interface and the mechanism for streaming may differ from software to software. Ensure you read the user’s manual thoroughly to learn how to use it.
  • Hardware-Based Streaming Encodersfor Streaming: This is among the most expensive options to stream live. This is why only those who are serious and with a significant number of subscribers will use the hardware-based encoders for streaming. There are many advantages to using a physical encoder to stream, compared to the other three options. One of the main benefits you’ll see is that the quality streaming video that is improved dramatically. Another thing you’ll notice is that your system will use less resources as the CPU isn’t strained with the added burden to render the video stream. Find a balance streaming encoder with a hardware component so that you are able to strike a the right balance between your needs and desires.


YouTube streaming is a huge business, and you can participate in it too if you put in consistently high-quality efforts. The selection of the content important in instances such as the ones mentioned above. First, decide on the area you’ll stream and decide if you’d like to stream with the web or mobile or encoders (software and hardware)