Choosing the perfect gold chain for men may sound simple, especially when you do know your taste. However, when you step into the vast world of jewelry, you might find yourself loving everything without being able to make a satisfying decision. While gold chains for men are considered to be one of the simplest areas to choose from, there are still a lot of tiny details and designs that, when missed out, would cause possible regrets in the future! Here is a brief guide on how you could pick the right chain designs for men without making it look like a complete disaster. [1] 

Styling a gold chain

One of the first things to consider before choosing a chain is figuring out what you want the chain to represent and how it will suit your style. Jewelry can speak a lot about your personality so ask yourself how you want the chain to be. 

 1. Know what look you are aiming for

When it comes to gold chains for men, most men tend to go for a more subtle yet stylish look. If you are one of these men, then a classic gold chain that blends effortlessly with all your look would be the best choice. 

However, if you are into the elaborate ones with eye-catching details, then you could always go for the flamboyant designs. The only downside of this is that these chains would not suit every occasion and outfit. 

 2. What to pair it with

Knowing whether you are planning on wearing it above your shirt or below can help you decide the length and size of the gold chain for men you are going for. A classic gold chain with a small cool pendant will be a great choice if you are planning on wearing it above your shirt, but when you like keeping your chain below, you could go for a delicate gold chain.

 3. Considering the shape of your face.

The shape of your face is another important factor to consider since this can help you pick the right one. For example, V-shaped and longer chains would best suit people with round faces, while thinner faces can go for choker-styled or short gold chains for men. 

 4. Choosing the tone

Gold chains for men come in three different shades- yellow, rose, and gold. While yellow gold is the traditional shade of the metal for gold chain for men, you could always deviate and pick a classic white or rose gold option.

Popular types of gold chain for men

There are so many different types of gold chains that are worth considering, and some of the popular ones you must check out are:

  • Ball chains
  • Cable chains
  • Box chains
  • Figaro chains 
  • Franco chains
  • Herringbone chains
  • Rope chains

Choosing the length

Most men choose to go for the average length that falls right on their collar bone, i.e., 20” (50 cm). While this seems like a safe option, you could still check out a few more lengths:

  • 14- 18” (35- 45 cm): will be visible above the shirt and is form-fitting
  • 20- 22” (50- 55 cm): popular length of gold chain for men and sits right at the collarbone. Allows you to wear it outside or inside the shirt.
  • 22- 24” (55- 61 cm): looks great with pendants, dog tags, or lockets and falls somewhere in the middle of the chest.
  • 24- 30” (61- 76 cm): goes great with larger pendants and is designed to be worn above the shirt. 

Choosing the thickness of gold chain for men

From 1mm delicate chains to heavy 21mm chains, gold chains for men come in varying thicknesses, just like lengths. It is a much more important factor than the length because these add expressions to your outfit. For example, if you chose a thick chain but plan on keeping it beneath the shirt, it will still be noticeable and can draw attention to your neck. 

Thick gold chains for men are usually chosen to catch the eye of people, while thinner ones are rarely seen and kept more personally. Depending on the purpose, you can choose any thickness. However, keep in mind that the thickness and the length should go hand in hand since it would be a huge wardrobe disaster if you choose a 30” chain that is too thin or a 14” choker that is too thick.

If you have never worn a gold chain for men before, then it might seem strange at the start. However, once you get used to it, you might find yourself loving this everyday accessory that never fails to enhance your attire!

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