Aside from taking the bus or subway, cycling is becoming one of the most popular sports in South Korea, bicycles are getting more popular for transportation in South Korea. Renting a bike is a good way to travel around the area for simple recreational activities, it’s environment-friendly and you can also have a little bit of cardio when riding a bike! We’ll be focusing on one of the most popular public bike rental apps, Ddareungi. Ziptoss has made a guide in using the app if you’re planning to rent a bike for short-distance travels and quick trips around Seoul.

Ddareungi (따릉이) is Seoul’s official bike rental service. They have a rental system that’s convenient to use anytime and anywhere for everyone.

How to use the City Bike Ddareungi app

  1. Search for “Seoul Public Bike” or “따릉이” and Install the app on your smartphone.
  2. Once installed, open the app and register.
  • You can use your Naver, Facebook, or Kakao account to log in. 
  • There is also a non-member service if you don’t want to register or if you’ll only be staying for a short period of time.
  • Kakao is the most convenient way to log in since KakaoPay is often used in South Korea.
  1.  After logging in, you can change your password. Just go to ‘Personal Settings’(회원 정보 관리) and tap ‘Password Registration/Change'(대여비밀번호 등록/변경).
  2. Purchase a pass
  • You’ll need to buy a pass before using a bike. Go to ‘Purchase Pass’ (이용권 구매) and select a plan that will fit you the most.
  • Plans range from single-use to annual passes.
  • If you go beyond the time of your rental, you’ll be charged an additional fee. In order to avoid this, go to the closest station near you to park your bike, and rent them again for another hour or two.
  1. Get your bike. After the payment has been made, you can get your bike in the closest rental bike station, which you can find on their map

Types of Ddareungi bikes

LCD Bikes

  • Go to the app and select the bike that you want to rent.
  • Press and hold the button below the bike’s LCD screen for about 2 seconds, then enter your 4-digit app password. The bike will automatically turn on after entering your password.

QR Bikes

  • This is simpler to use than the LCD bike. Just open your app and select rent(대여) and scan the QR code on the bike. The lock will automatically open after scanning.

How to return your bike

For LCD bikes

  • You can place your bike on the rack and lock it in its place
  • If you return to the bike rack and see no slots available for your bike, you can simply connect your bike to another one that’s docked by securing the docked bike’s white lock(supplementary lock) on the left side to yours.

For QR bikes

  • You can simply leave your bike at the designated parking area and slide the lock in to secure it.