Many people choose between buying and selling cars to a dealership or choosing to buy or sell a car online. These are two common methods of buying and selling cars but in this article we are going to inform you about your rights from buying a car from a dealership. Keep reading to find out more.

It is important to be aware of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 for cars

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1.     The vehicle must be of satisfactory quality

The vehicle you have purchased from the dealership shouldn’t be damaged or faulty. If you purchase a brand new car, it should function as it has been described, if the car does not function as how it has been described then this could mean the car has been falsely advertised, which is a crime in itself.

If you purchase a second-hand vehicle from a dealership, the condition and performance of the car should be reasonable and of course road legal. All vehicles sold to a consumer should be roadworthy, safe and reliable. You may browse this website if you are looking for a trusted car dealer in Anchorage.

The vehicle’s condition should also match its age, price and mileage, there should be no false information given to consumers about the vehicle.


2. The vehicle must be fit for its particular purpose

The car should be able to fulfil the purpose it’s bought for by functioning as it’s normally expected to. For instance, a people carrier car should be able to allow more than four people to legally and comfortably travel in the vehicle.

3. The vehicle needs to be as described

The vehicle you purchase from a dealership should match the description in the advertisements or even the sample model shown in a showroom.

The vehicle’s specifications and appearance should be the same as what was mentioned before the purchase. Second-hand cars’ condition and performance should be as described, this doesn’t just apply to the sale of brand new cars.

4. Right to reject

If you can prove issues were there before you bought the car from the dealership, you have the option to reject the car within the first 30 days of your purchase. If you reject the vehicle within this time period, you should be entitled to a refund without any delay and within 14 days of the dealer agreeing to the refund.

5. Right to a repair or replacement

If you find a defect in your car after 30 days, but within six months of ownership, you can request a car repair or replacement. The dealership can choose the best and more affordable option for them, so you usually cannot ask for your preferred choice. You are entitled to this right if the fault was there at the time of delivery, unless the dealer can prove it wasn’t.

You do not have to make a decision at your appointment

Some car buyers may feel under pressure to make a decision whilst they are at the dealership, due to salespeople being convincing but you should not feel pressured or obliged to buy a car there and then. It is a good idea to shop around and visit various dealers to see if you can get the best deal for purchasing your next car.

You should be able to take the car you are interested in for a test drive

Most car dealerships allow their customers to take the car they are interested in on a test drive, as this will give the customer a good idea about whether the car is right for them. If you want to test drive a car at a car dealership, you need to have your driving licence with you for insurance purposes and a member of the sales team may also accompany you on your test drive. It is also important that you abide by the driving laws whilst you are driving the car, as the dealership has the right to hold you responsible for any breaking of the motoring laws.

You can choose how you pay for the car

You as the consumer have the right to choose how you pay for your next car, as long as the dealership agrees with the terms. Some people have hire purchase agreements or they pay for their car on finance and some people even purchase their cars outright. It is important to make sure that you can afford to pay for your next car and to come to an agreement with the car dealer on how you are going to pay for the car.

Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on knowing your rights when you are buying a car from a dealership. As we have mentioned previously, as a car buyer you definitely need to know your rights when you are about to purchase a car from a car dealership. The most important thing is to make sure you are dealing with a reputable car seller and shop around for the best deals for your next car.