Before you decide on a photographer for your wedding, it is important that you understand the different styles of photography they offer. The style of photography can have a significant impact on how your wedding photos will turn out because each style has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Some photographers are experts in candid shots while others specialise in capturing all of the details—from that graceful shot of the bride’s wedding ring to the groom’s facial reaction. This article will help you find the perfect wedding photographer yarra valley to fit your needs!

Traditional Portraiture

Traditional portraiture is all about capturing portraits of people in a staged setting. Photographers who specialise in this style will often spend a lot of time having their subjects pose and arranging the scene. 

This can be a great choice for couples who want classic, formal wedding photos with everyone looking their best. However, traditional portraiture can be time-consuming and it’s not always possible to get the perfect shot on the first try. Explore the myriad styles of wedding photography new york that beautifully capture your special day, each telling a unique story, perfectly suited for the diverse essence of weddings in the vibrant backdrop of New York City with its unparalleled charm and energy.


This style of photography is all about capturing the natural moments as they happen. Photojournalists don’t typically let their subjects pose and instead prefer to capture them in their natural state. 

This can be a great choice for couples who want candid shots that capture the emotion of the day. However, since photojournalism is all about catching moments as they happen, it can be difficult to get everyone to “pose” perfectly for group shots.


This style of photography is a combination of photojournalism and traditional portraiture. Photographers who specialise in lifestyle will often combine candid shots with more formal portraits to tell the story of your wedding day from beginning to end. 

This can be an excellent choice for couples looking for photos that capture the energy, emotion and atmosphere of their big day. It’s also possible to get group shots on the first try since most photographers who offer this style are experts at having people pose naturally.

Creative Portraiture

Creative portraiture is a style that falls somewhere between traditional portraiture and photojournalism. Creative photographers often have their subjects pose but they’re more likely to use natural light for a more low-key look. 

If you want your photos to have a bit of an artistic quality, this could be the style for you! However, creative portraiture can sometimes feel posed or unnatural so it may not be what you had in mind when searching for wedding photo styles.


This style of photography is all about capturing the feeling or mood of a moment rather than just documenting what happened. Photographers who specialise in editorial wedding photography often use creative lighting and unique angles to create striking images. 

This can be a great choice for couples who want their photos to feel like they tell a story. However, editorial photography can be more expensive than other styles since it requires more time and effort on the part of the photographer.


Elopement photography typically involves just two people getting married—no bridal party or family members included. Couples may choose elopement style because it allows them more flexibility when setting up a ceremony location and choosing a photographer. 

However, elopement photography can be difficult because there is often little to no opportunity for posed portraits. Most elopement photographers focus on capturing the natural moments of the day as they unfold.

Now that you understand the different styles of wedding photography, it’s time to start thinking about what type of photographer is right for you. Keep in mind that each style has its own strengths and weaknesses, so make sure to choose the one that fits your needs best.

Happy planning!