We all want to build our homes full of fresh air and the welcoming sounds of nature. If you keep your doors and windows open for a long time, you may need to think about installing a screen on that frame. 

A door or window screen will help you kee, rodents, insects, and birds outside. Screens also help your home from harsh weather conditions, and with great designs, these windows also increase the attractiveness of your home.

Even if you have a sliding door or window, then also mosquito nets are available. You can find mosquito nets for sliding doors, and get it installed. 

This guide will assist you in picking the best window and door screens for your needs.

Glass: Glass is used on both residential and commercial properties. Glass is easy to clean, and you do not have to bother about rust. Be careful if you have small children and overactive pets at your place, and choose strong glass. Consider using a glass door that works well with a dog door for large dogs if you ever need a pet door in the future.

Copper mesh: The copper mesh is strong and looks very attractive, and lasts longer. Copper does not catch rust as quickly as other metals. So copper is a much better option for those who live in wet or humid climates. Copper is a little expensive than others, but it looks classy and lasts for a long duration.

Aluminium mesh: Aluminum mesh is good-looking, Strong, and durable; aluminium window and door screens are trendy because they are a little thinner than others.. They are almost invisible to the eye from a distance and come in various sizes and colours.

All these options of mesh can be used on any of the above frames. At the same time, you can also choose to add an extra layer of protection to your door or window screen.

Two-layer doorway

A two-layer doorway is handy if you have a home with an outdoor or porch area. Install a second door on the same frame, which you can keep closed while the main door can stay open. Through this, you can get fresh air in your house while keeping a layer of security from insects and stray animals as this is a transparent sheet, so you will have a clear view outside your house.

Sliding screens

This screen can be installed on any door or window frame. Sliding screens require plenty of space on either side of them, and these are durable as long as the foundation remains strong. Sliding screens or sliding mosquito nets are a common choice for rooms and kitchens with a balcony. 

It is helpful; if you do not have much space for a door to wave out, consider a sliding screen that will sit conveniently and comfortably against the wall.


Half-and-half is useful if you have a kitchen door or large window to style. Some people choose Half-and-half as a wall between the dining area and kitchen. The upper portion of the screen will be of your choice, but the bottom should be solid. If you have a pet at your place, you can make the bottom screen a movable mesh. Experiment with colour options, wood, and metals options that amuse the rest of the place.

A screen that fits your lifestyle

Whichever door screen you choose, make sure it completes your house and family requirements. A metal screen may catch rust, although, after a long time, wooden blocks won’t last for a longer duration of time in a wet or humid climate. If you live in a high-hight building, you may desire to install a screen to guard your pets and small kids.

Improve the security of your place

Installations of windows and doors screen over them help to improve the security of your place. Look for the model that allows fit padlock onto the screen or shelter proof glass to add protection.

Some screens have unique features which allow you to switch between materials depending on the season. Mesh panels in the summer to keep the mosquitos and other insects out. In comparison, shatterproof glass can be used to protect your home in the winters.


As these screens help get rid of troubled insects, You also plan to have a Mosquito net for sliding doors or windows, which will also be a great help. For installing window and door screens, you can reach out to a well-established company and ensure that screen fits well. Also, make sure that you will reach out to the best designing team; better designs make your home look better. Keep a regular check on your screen; if you find any damage, then contact the service provider immediately.