To counter the harmful effects of UV rays in style, sunglasses are ideal for your eyes. They not only keep your eyes protected but also go a long way in satisfying your fashion needs. 

Buying the perfect pair of sunglasses is no big deal, provided you know certain basic things. A couple of years back, I bought a pair of aviator sunglasses for men and the purchase was made only after I had done a comprehensive research on what to know before buying sunglasses. I absolutely love these pairs and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

Here are some of the things you must know before buying sunglasses.

100% UV protection

When you are buying a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, why not buy a pair that provides complete UV protection. For this, you need to look for pairs whose lenses are loaded with both UVA & UVB protective coatings. These coatings make a 100% UV protection a possibility. 

Tints as per your choice

While choosing from the great variety of tints available, it depends totally up to you to go for the ones that suit your style needs. When it comes to the function of UV protection, all tints are equally effective. 

Try before you buy

Before buying your sunglasses, you should make it a point to try them on, whether you are shopping for them in a store or over the internet. Yes, it is even possible to try on online sunglasses by availing the ‘try glasses on at home’ feature available over here, which is absolutely free of cost at most of these sites.

Polarised sunglasses

Sunglasses can also eliminate glare – thanks to polarised sunglasses. These pairs come with a filter applied over their lenses that effectively filters out those reflected light rays that can result in glare. 

In an outdoor environment, glare can be common. It can result in lack of clarity in vision, and also conditions such as eye strain and headaches. Polarised sunglasses can be very helpful to deal with glare. 

If you are involved in activities like driving, sports, fishing, etc, polarised sunglasses are a necessary addition to your wardrobes. 

Mirrored sunglasses

These pairs get their name as mirrored sunglasses, owing to the appearance of the outer portion of their lenses. The outer part of the lenses have a thin metallic layer, which helps prevent glare.

On looking from outside, the lenses will appear opaque. However, this will not compromise on your ability to see clearly because a sufficient amount of light rays are allowed to pass through to ensure a perfect vision. 

Mirrored sunglasses come with an added durability, which is provided by the metallic layer over their lenses. These sunglasses are great for your sports needs.

Wraparound sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses are ideal if your exposure to UV rays is excessive. For instance, if your work involves staying in bright sunny conditions for a long duration of time, you should go for wraparound styles.

These pairs provide entire peripheral coverage to your eyes, imparting a more effective UV protection.

Prescription sunglasses

Wearing prescription glasses is ideal for eyesight correction, but irrelevant when it comes to UV protection. Once you move into an outdoor environment with bright sunny conditions, prescription sunglasses are what you should make a shift to. 

Whether it is clarity of vision, UV protection, or keeping your style game on point, prescription sunglasses have got you covered. 

Online sunglasses

There are lots of benefits that come along with online sunglasses. There is a huge collection of top quality and stylish sunglasses available across multiple online sites.

Arriving at an ideal pair of sunglasses over the online medium doesn’t require much time. They are all available at a few clicks of the mouse. Before buying these pairs, you can even try them on from the comforts of your home by availing the ‘online glasses try at home’ feature.

The most amazing aspect of online sunglasses is their pocket-friendly prices. The savings can be increased further by availing the discounts and offers, which are frequently offered here.

Reglaze glasses

The service of reglaze glasses gives you the option of getting any of your existing pair of glasses changed to sunglasses. If you send your existing glasses for reglazing, your lenses will be interchanged with that of UV protective ones, and they will be fitted into the same frames. In this way, you don’t depart from your frames and also make considerable savings.

What do you do if your prescription has changed? Instead of buying a new pair, it is better if you send your prescription sunglasses for reglazing, to get the lenses changed with the updated prescription.