One of the growing concerns these days is pollution and radiation exposure. The pollution emitted by vehicles, industries and offices, gadgets, and domestic household activities does much harm to our skin. Skin is the body part that first comes in touch with pollutants and gets damaged in many ways. An anti-pollution skincare routine is what you need to incorporate immediately.

When exposed to environmental aggressors and pollutants,skin suffers damage, breakouts, irritation and infections, premature ageing, and much more. This requires protecting your skin by effectively using the right anti-pollution skincare products. Uff! Sounds like you have to add much more to your routine. No, all you must do is follow easy anti-pollution skin care tips and keep yourself protected and healthy.

Let’s look at some quick tips that you need to incorporate into your skincare routine to reduce the effects of pollution.

Cleanse and double cleanse

The first and foremost thing is to keep your skin clean daily.

A clеansеr hеlps you еliminatе all thе dust and build-up collеctеd during thе day. Clеansе your facе with a watеr-basеd clеansеr in thе morning and doublе clеansе it in thе еvеning.

Doublе clеansing your skin in thе еvеning is bеst as you won’t bе stеpping out collеcting thе pollution again. First, clеansе your skin with an oil-basеd, crеam-basеd, or hyaluronic-acid-basеd clеansеr to rеmovе makеup, dust, and dirt accumulatеd during thе day. Now, usе a watеr-basеd clеansеr to dееply clеan thе skin and porеs.


The best anti-pollution skincare must include exfoliating your skin. The dead cells and clogged pores make your skin and complexion look dull. Exfoliating helps you to unclog the pores filled with dirt and infections. Overusing and overdoing exfoliation harms your skin, so use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week. Your skin will breathe and rejuvenate itself!

Apply a serum and moisturizer

Serums and creams are a magical potion for your skin. They build a barrier between the skin and environmental pollution. They form a protective layer on your skin, making a barrier for the pollutants to penetrate your skin and cause potential damage. This protects your skin surface and pores from being clogged and forming infections.

Sunscreen, the savior

The heading doesn’t sound less than a Tollywood movie, but sunscreen does work like those stunts for your skin. For anti-pollution skin carе, look for broad-spеctrum sunscrееn that protеcts from UVA and UVB rays. A minimum of SPF 30 is idеal for thе Indian climatе, but you can go for a highеr SPF if you spеnd a lot of timе in thе sun. Always apply sunscrееn on an ovеrcast day bеcausе thе sun’s rays pеnеtratе thе clouds and harm your skin.

Mask it up

You can eliminate the effects of pollution on your skin. Masks come as a healer for your skin. Use a mask to reduce the effects of pollution damage to your skin. Choose a mask with tomato to de-tan your skin or one with aloe vera to calm inflammation and redness. Tune in good music, apply your mask, and relax while your skin heals and repairs itself.

Spritz makeup fixer

Makeup attracts more dust and dirt when you step out. Avoid using heavy makeup and let your skin breathe once in a while. Whether you put on light or heavy makeup, always finish it with a makeup fixer as the best anti-pollution skincare practice. A makeup fixer or setting spray forms a layer on your makeup, protecting it from direct exposure to the environment and its pollutants. This will reduce the chances of your makeup attracting more pollution.

Use antioxidant-rich products

Look for products that include antioxidant-rich ingredients. Vitamin C and e-enriched products protect your skin and fight the harmful effects of pollutants and sun damage. Vitamin C is a potent ingredient for your skin that repairs and protects your skin from premature skin ageing caused by environmental aggressors. Always use these in concentrated form for best results. Do not apply them directly on your skin, which may cause irritation and dryness.

Work from inside

The best anti-pollution skincare routine requires you to care for yourself from the inside. Eat a balanced diet enriched in antioxidants, and drink sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated. Pollutants take away the natural oils and hydration from your skin. Drinking enough water keeps you hydrated from the inside, flushes out toxins from your body, and maintains skin elasticity.

Keep screen time and gadgets in check

You may not realise it, but the radiation from the screen also damages your skin. Reduce screen time and use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful radiation. Often, go to nature to let your skin breathe and heal. Another important aspect of your anti-pollution skincare routine should be to clean your gadgets. Timely cleaning of your mobile screen prevents from causing breakouts, acne, or infections on the cheeks.

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