To make people aware, the guide provides details about the March Scam.

You may have heard of the new phishing scam if you are a Verizon Telecom user within the United States. A suspicious link is being sent to people’s mobile numbers via text message. These messages are intended to thank the recipient of payment for March’s bill and include a link that promises to send a gift.

Verizon spokesperson, confirmed that they are aware of the phishing scheme targeting Verizon customers. They are working with US law enforcement to block these spam messages.

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What’s the Scam?

The new scam known as Your Bill Is Paid Scam, which is a text message scam that targets United States users. Users are now receiving spam messages from their personal number. Many believe that scammers are constantly finding new ways of committing fraud. They may hack into their Verizon account, or use their spoof number to send spam mails.

This is a scam in which people receive spam messages thanking them for their March rent and bill payments. They also receive a link that promises to send a gift. It is a scam, and you should avoid it.

March Scam: How Scammers Are Conducting Your Bill?

The scammers are becoming smarter and using new tricks and techniques to con people. They are now using Verizon customers’ phone numbers to send scam text messages. Scammers also hack into phone numbers, spoofing them and sending them scam text messages. People complain that they receive text messages from their own number.

These scam texts are sent to people in order to thank them for paying their March bills. The text messages are accompanied by a link which recipients must click to claim their gift. Clicking on the link will redirect them to a third-party website that is not associated with Verizon. March Scam is over. To claim the reward, users are asked to provide their credentials and any other details.

What have users said?

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People reported the scam after receiving the repeated text messages to claim their gift. Some users even claimed they were being redirected by a Russian website in order to claim their gift.

March Scam Targeting many Verizon customers, people are angry and asking the company to take action to stop this from happening. You can also check the comments online and read the threads.


Verizon is a US telecom company that has millions of customers. Scammers have been using text message scams to target users. Scammers are sending scam text messages using the phone number of victims.

Scammers send thank you messages to victims for paying their March bill. They also urge them to click the link to claim a present. Verizon is aware that Your March Bill Was Paid for March Scam and they are working closely together with US law enforcement to identify the sources and prevent these from happening. You can find helpful tips at Protecting Yourself From a Scam until it is resolved.

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