Indian mobile market sells a wide variety of smartphones enabling the consumers to choose from a wide variety. Each mobile phone provides different features and price levels.

From the Best smartphones under 12000 to flagships, the consumers have everything at their disposal. Due to this reason, selecting just one device from this myriad of technologically advanced smartphones is no small task. Here comes into effect the need to create a detailed Mobile buying guide

A large number of mobile consumers lack the knowledge to choose wisely. As a result, they end up purchasing mobiles with flashy designs and unrequired features. However, a carefully created Mobile buying guide can minimize the risk of falling for beautiful packaging and imaginative product copy. 

Those looking for the right mobile phone need to ask a few questions before making any purchase. These questions will propel the consumers to buy the right smartphone. 

Performance – What About the Processor?

Once the consumers have decided upon their budget, it is time to pay attention to the performance. Smartphones’ processors act as the brain of the devices. Without processor, the device will not run. Thus, even if one is looking for the Best smartphones under 12000, they must look for a processor with AI ability. Such a smartphone will bestow upon the users the power of multitasking with ease. A sturdy processor ensures that the devices work seamlessly. In addition, a process with AI ability improves the other factors of the phone as well. 

Therefore, while smartphones’ designs get the buyers’ instant attention, they must not ignore the importance of mobile processor. Exynos 990, Snapdragon, and Apple A13 Bionic fall under the category of well-known processors. These processors have gained their fame for different reasons. Where Apple processors present the power computing, the Snapdragon is the Android phone’s answer to Apple processors.  

The midrange phones provide relatively lower quality processors for their phones. Snapdragon 730 is the most popular mid-range mobile processor. Other than Snapdragon 730, MediaTek Helio G90T and Snapdragon 675 are also popular mobile processors. Those who want the Best smartphones under 12000, may have to sacrifice a little power to prevent overspending. 

RAM – How Much Space Does The Mobile Offer?

Space is as essential as smooth performance. Today’s mobiles come with gaming features along with a hi-tech camera. In this scenario, the phone offers a large memory system. Mobile brands like Oppo, Vivo, and Nokia are coming with large 8GB RAM. Some of the brands have taken it to the next level by installing 10GB RAM.

However, consumers who use their smartphones for making calls and texting may not need so much space. They can easily purchase a 3GB RAM mobile for their daily tasks. However, people who use their mobiles for making videos will need large storage system. The 10GB RAM mobiles are ideal for such consumers. Buy a featured mobile phones for seniors that have good quality screen and RAM.  

Operating System – How To Choose The Right One?

OS does not offer a long range of choices. It is either Android or iOS. However, the lack of choice does not make it easy for the buyers. Both the systems offer different range of advantages. Therefore, before making any decision, one needs to know about them.

iOS is a simple operating system comes with regular software updates. Android offers the same support. But Android is not as simple as iOS. However, the Best smartphones under 12000 come with much simpler than the previous version of Android system. iOS, even though simple and easy to use, has its limits. The consumers will not be able to change the mobile phone’s look with the launcher. Customizing the home screen is another feature that iOS does not offer. 


Other than the mentioned factors, the consumers need to pay attention to the display, camera, battery life, and user interface of the smartphones as well. However, is it essential to remember that a single device cannot offer all the desired features. Therefore, one needs to be willing to make some sacrifices. 

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